I sure do hope y’all had a spectacular holiday week… a few more days to go and then it’s basically January for the next 6 months.  BRING IT!  Except I am more fond of February than January, so can I just call the next 6 months February until it thaws out and turns into June?  Okay?  Good.

My cat, Lucy-Fur already has cabin fever.  She runs around like an insane asylum enrollee on a regular basis. She misses her usual jaunts outside where she becomes one with the coyotes… except the friendly coyotes… and instead annoys me for 7 straight months.  I just kicked her out to use the bathroom (what’s a litterbox?  I will not own one of those… so any cat living with me must learn to use the giant outdoor litterbox.), after she decided to try to climb the shower curtain while I was in the shower, but guarantee within 10 more minutes she’ll be in my window well begging me to open the door.  It’s 7 degrees out there right now… that’s a veritable heat wave!

Here’s the part of her day where she waits for me to get the laser out so she can chase a little red dot like a mad thing.  Anyone have a kitty-sized strait jacket I could borrow for all 6 months of February!?

Meanwhile… we have a tradition that we try to eat fondue on Christmas Eve every year.  This year we got a bit lazy, and instead of making actual fondue, we bought this stuff at Sam’s Club where you can stick it in the micro-oven for 30 seconds at a time and melt you some chocolate to dip fruit and other deliciousities in.  We totes messed it up this year… and by messed it up, I mean it turned into dog doo rather quickly.

Video proof… I mean… who wouldn’t want to come to dinner!?  Anyone?

I also tried to get a family Christmas picture in front of the Christmas tree but by the time these 2 approved the picture they were in (just one more… I look like a pasty snowman… just one more… my head looks like it’s possessed… just one more…) everyone lost interest and left and I only got the 2 pickiest participants!

It’s no wonder we never do family pictures… besides the reason I refuse to be in one… but that’s beside the point.

Happy New Year this week, friends.  Party it up… and enjoy your 6 Februaries!



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7 responses to “Fon-Don’t!

  1. Avster

    Merry Christmas, Whit!

  2. Alena

    Great post! And great pictures! I love the imagery of Lucy climbing the shower curtain whilst you shower.😊:-) I agree with you on the 6 months of February–ugh!

  3. Louisa

    Poor Whitney & Lucy-Fur! I think you both are getting stir crazy.
    We have thawed out from our ice storm and the temps even got up in the low 50’s one day. It is just cold now though and the forecast is calling for more of the same.
    No more snow for the next week….so they say. We get most of our snow in Jan. & Feb. ( sigh )
    Lucy-Fur sure is a pretty kitty!

  4. Lindsay

    Happy New Year to you!

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