New Year… New You?

New Year’s resolutions last about as long as a bag of Dove chocolate in this here Whitney sphere… translation… 25 seconds.  I prefer to have goals… what’s the difference between a goal and a resolution?  In my mind a resolution is temporary… a goal is going to be around for a while.  You can read those definitions in the Whitster’s Dictionary, closely related to Webster’s, but without any accurate information.

My first goal of 2014 was to purchase a new work computer before my old one broke down.  I see it couldn’t wait until day 6 of the New Year before breaking down because I tried to login to work tonight and the computer is saying it is unable to launch Windows because some file is corrupt…. blah, blah, blobbity blobbity blob.  It couldn’t wait a few weeks into the New Year to allow me to achieve my goal?  Lawsy… and of course I have the work pager starting tomorrow for a week!  Deep breaths, Whitster’s Dictionary… deep breaths.

Another goal is to quit being a wussy dip-ball and exercise regularly again.  I’ve been over here lamenting about how I can’t go outside to woggercize any more when I should really just shut my trap and do something else.  DEAL with it!  I plan to try to walk at the Field House up at USU a couple of times a week… before/after classes I take.  The other days will need to be the recumbant bike or some exercise DVD.  Deal?  Good!

In other news… school starts tomorrow… and because I didn’t think 2 classes on top of working full time was enough, I figured I’d add another class, making it 3 classes or 9 credits.  I’ll just play this tiny violin over here in the corner so the rest of you who have REAL actual busy lives can’t hear it!  What about the factory workers in China!  Laws!  My classes this semester include a required-for-an-English-major pre-1900 World Literary History class, a required-for-a-technical-writing-major Professional Writing course, and a Criminology course.  Criminology because I’m minoring in Criminal Justice… but seriously… who needs classes when I’ve seen every Dateline NBC and 48 Hours:  Mystery since 1998!  EDGE-EE-CASHION!  I basically know the husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend did it before they’ve even introduced the husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend!  That’s some skill right there!

My goal for my classes will be to not die in the parking lot/sidewalks trying to walk to the classes on the ice.  Fingers and toes crossed, except not my toes because that would guarantee death by ice.

PS – Stay warm all you folks up North.  I hear you have some wicked wind chill numbers coming today/tomorrow!

PPS – Remember how a few weeks back I lamented the passing of George Jefferson, the feral cat because I hadn’t seen him for a week?  Turns out about a week after I posted he’d died, he came back to life in a special after-school movie of the week.  I don’t know where that cat went, but he’s back under the deck swiping at my foot every time I walk up the steps.  Welcome back, George… now… be nice!

This is me pretending I’d be graceful on ice skates… in reality… you ever seen a buffalo on an iced-over lake?  Me neither, but I can picture I look just like that!



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9 responses to “New Year… New You?

  1. Avster

    Have a great year, Whitters! I believe in goals too. They’re much more prone to happen. 🙂

    And yes, no theatrics on the ice this year. That would be naughty.

    And come for a visit! It’s only -20 with a windchill of -46! Tat will make you walk fast.

  2. Louisa

    Your goals look like really do-able ones, Whitney.
    Good that you are going to make the time for some exercise. It will help you in your studies as well. All that clear thinking…
    The ice skating on the lake brings back fond memories. Our lakes don’t freeze over thick enough here anymore (not like when we were kids).

  3. Dessawade

    Those are good realistic goals Whit! That will also help you get through the months of Jan & Feb more happilly.

  4. cl2

    Goals? I just hope I make it through each day??? Good luck on the computer. I got a new one just before Christmas. I so HATE window 8.

    • I have heard that Windows 8 is a pain in the patoosker!! Can you do Jackson with Windows 8? Someone was telling me it wasn’t compatible! I just bought a computer online tonight. Fingers crossed I like the sucker!

  5. Sorry about your computer. Those things ain’t cheap. You were brave to ice skate. I’d be too scared of falling. Those classes actually sound kind of interesting. Good luck! You can do it!

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