Brain Seizing…

You know those people who go to a class/lecture/church and they sit in the wayyyyy back and try to blend in with the curtains and the wall paint so they don’t get asked questions?  Poster child at your service!  I’ve never been a class participater.  I’d prefer to sit and listen rather than be invaded by the anxiety-ridden/ADD brain I get when having to actually say something outloud.  Unfortunately, the Professional Writing course I signed up for is NOT cool with the drapery camouflaging idea… seriously… stop it.  In fact, the professor even added participation into the grading.  So, written assignments account for 33% of my grade, tests and quizzes account for 33% of my grade, and class participation accounts for 34% of my grade!  Basically that means I get to sit through the 3-hour class every Tuesday night like a mental patient about to climb the camouflaged walls!   A night in the life of my brain.

Whitney’s Brain:  Okay, when should I say something and how should I word it?  What if I say a wrong word that doesn’t mean the right thing and everyone thinks I just dropped off the turnip truck on Friday?  I can’t think of anything intelligent.  What if I talk about donuts? Nope… that sounds dumb.  Also, Whitney… do not do those huge sweeping arm movements you do when you’re trying to talk outloud… it looks psychotic and like you are auditioning for the synchronized swimming team.  It smells like bacon in here.  If a pig were fed bacon, would he be considered a pig cannibal?  I hate bacon but I sure do love Charlotte’s Web… because that’s almost about bacon but not really… it’s a prize-winning pig.  Although, if I ran into a talking spider I’d have gone all ape crap on it with a book and a thousand pieces of toilet paper.  

Professor:  Whitney, what are some ways that writing in the workplace is different than writing for school?

Whitney:  Wilbur the terrific pig was approximately 2 more movie hours away from becoming a bacon cannibal.  

Social anxiety is like the barbecue pits… but literally!  Also, that’s why I’m taking a WRITING class because I’m so much better at expressing my thoughts on paper than I am by mouth.  Things just get all jumbled up and I can’t string together a coherent thought when that happens.  It’s a wonder I even know what’s going on up in that class with all this talk about cannibalism.  😛  It’s also hard to blend in because there are only 10 of us in the class, so it’s not like they won’t notice if you never say anything.

This will be my learning experience.  I will learn to conversate in a class setting about cannibal pigs with the best of them!  You bet your sweet bacon!

Meanwhile… I miss my daily woggercizing!!  Winter only has a few more months, right?  Instead of woggercizing, I’m trying to do exercise DVDs/Wii games, except I’m not the most coordinated individual on the planet.  I did the Dance Dance Revolution Wii game and instead of following the dance moves because I literally cannot get the moves down, I just flail around like a seizure patient.  At least it’s movement and exercise.  I need other options, though!

Question of the Day:  Any recommendations for winter exercising/exercise DVDs?  I’m willing to take any suggestion!  

PPS –  Congrats to my cuzzin JenJen and husband Seth on the birth of their 2nd son, Blaize!  I can’t wait to meet the feller next month, y’all!  Clear out the bacon drawer! 



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14 responses to “Brain Seizing…

  1. cl2

    I’ve been walking all winter, very carefully some days. Not looking forward to the time it is too hot to walk any time but early morning or late evening. And I can’t imagine taking a class like that!

  2. Alena

    I totally hear you on the social anxiety issue–it’s a beast! As far as exercise DVDs I like Kathy Smith. She is generally pretty easy to follow and has a wide variety of types.
    I can’t believe you captured a blue sky in Logan in January!
    Congrats Jen–Wishing you and your family all the best!

    • I think I remember the name Kathy Smith! I will for sure check her out. Thanks, friend! As for the blue sky… that was one special day and the whole town was in awe… and then we went back to inversion central for the last 2 weeks! 😛

  3. Avster

    You’ll get the hang of participating! And hey, talking about bacon is better than talking about Peeps, right?

    Aw, I had some Wii exercise games that came with my system, but I sold them all.
    I have DDR Mario Mix. That one is a lot of fun. 😀

    Do you have Mario Kart for the Wii? Just curious… I have it and have wi-fi internet and that game can be played wi-fi.

    • So, you’re saying that Mario has a Kart!? Are there Peeps in it?

      Unfortunately, the extent to my Wii gaming is the exercise Dance, Dance Revolution games. I literally have no other games. But, you can use it to watch things on the Internet on, so that’s awesome! 😛

  4. Dessawade

    II’m afraid you got your anxiety of public speaking from your mother – sorry! I do know one thing… will get easier the more you do it. You don’t have to worry about saying something stupid – you are SMART!

  5. I’m totally the same way in school and church. It’s totally a big deal for me to make a comment. My face gets red and my heart is pounding. As far as exercise indoors? I am totally a fan of yoga videos. I know it’s not your thing but if no one is watching then they don’t know how silly you look in downward dog. Not really cardio but it burns calories and tones if it’s challenging enough.

    • Yet another Berger gene we both adopted, JenJen! I am with you on the heart pounding and the face turning colors. I am definitely going to try Yoga one of these days. I am not flexible at all, but I think that’s the point. If you do it, eventually you will get more flexible!

  6. Faith

    I’m exactly like you when it tomes co class participation and talking in class. I just never find the right moment to say something. I’m glad I was born in Finland, where class participation is generally not required (thou of course it is recommended). I’ve heard this is the biggest difference between Finnish and American universities.

  7. Blythe S. Berger

    Jim has that gene. Friendly and out-going, but won’t even be comfortable giving a prayer in Church. Exercise videos? Check out Chris Freytag. They’re not dance-based – – -in fact, I’m not sure she even stays with the background music beat – – but she’s no-nonsense, and has a variety (yoga, slimdown, cardio, etc) and in the ones I have, she has 3 levels of difficulty for each exercise.

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