What’s the Stupid Limit? I Won…

I promise you in 52 different languages I don’t try to do stupid things on purpose just so I have something to blog about on Monday mornings.  I PROMISE!  I just have really bad luck… stupid just follows me around and smacks me upside the head several times a day.  It’s humiliating when you spell it all out… so I only spell out the biggest stupids, one of which happened today.

I cook on Sunday evenings every week, and I usually cook all that I’m going to be eating for lunch and dinner for the remainder of said week.  That way, I have a healthy option already prepared to just grab and go.  Everyone in my family knows this is my ritual and it’s been that way for a few years now.  Today was no different.  I went about my usual routine of preheating the oven, and then I set out to make my 150-calorie All-Bran muffins I had planned to eat for breakfast this week.  Muffins mixed, I went to put them in the oven, only to see this:

What is it?  Why, that would be a rubbermaid/tupperware container filled with banana chocolate muffins… and no… the white stuff on top of them is NOT frosting… let me repeat… NOT FROSTING!  That would be the lid to said plastic container melted on account of the extreme heat from the newly preheated oven.  Madre, bless her heart, had made banana chocolate muffins early Sunday morning and then proceeded to store them in a gigantic plastic-lidded container in the OVEN!!!!!!!

Question?  Has anyone ever tried to scrape off melted plastic that has now cooled and wrapped it’s tentacles around each oven shelf digit majigger?  Anyone?  Let me tell you, it’s like if you were to decide to go run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain and then spent the remainder of the time being jostled around on a bull’s horns.   I have to admit, I have no experience to base that on, but I’m imagining at least I’d have gone to Spain in the 2nd scenario.  This scenario included near 2 hours of smoking up the house to try to loosen up the plastic so I could pull it off wearing oven mitts… rinse, wash, repeat.  At one point, this being hormone hoarding week and being a girl with out-of-control hormoning experiences, I sat on the couch and cried for 10 minutes. 

That ain’t cheese.  On account of the fact that I spent the evening with my head stuck in the oven breathing in horrid chemicals of melting plastic fumes, my head hurt, my eyes and throat were burning, my hair and clothes smelled like I got lost in a plastic burning factory, and I burned my hands approximately 72 times in the process.   And to think I’m not a professional chef.

This stupid wasn’t me alone, I’m bringing Madre into the fold on this one.  Welcome to Stupidland, Madre… I’m the President… you can come to visit, but you can never leave!

Meanwhile… I signed up for a DietBet game hosted by Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi (he of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition).  The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight between today (Monday, Jan. 27) and Feb. 27… 1 month.  Each player bets $30 and whomever hits the 4% weight loss goal gets to split the pot of money.  Right now there are near 2700 players and the pot is at $81,000.  I figure it helps to have some motivation to kick it into gear during the winter months.  If anyone is interested in joining, you can still sign up by going to the above link.



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12 responses to “What’s the Stupid Limit? I Won…

  1. What an awful way to spend your Sunday night. Glad you got it resolved. I would have cried too. I’m excited to hear about your success with the dietbet.

  2. cl2

    Sounds like something I’d do!

  3. Avster

    Look at it this way… your biceps and triceps should be well toned.

  4. Louisa

    Ugh what a mess!
    Not the way to spend a Saturday…for sure.
    We have some congestion and achy crud going around here. Not fun.

  5. Alena

    Oh bless your heart! I mean, who looks inside the oven before they turn it on? When I first got married my husband put dirty pans in the oven a few times and I would then turn the oven on and after a few minutes be assaulted be the smell. Luckily, it was never anything plastic–it just took a little extra scrubbing to get all of that baked on goodness off.

  6. Dessawade

    Oh Whitney! What a mess! At the time I thought it was a really good idea to put that container in the oven for safe keeping. I’ll rethink that next time.

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