Ice Queen…

I finally went and saw the new-ish Disney movie, Frozen this weekend.  For those of you who are on the ball and have already seen it, carry on reading.  For those of you who haven’t seen it and are deadly afraid of being spoiled, carry on still.  I’m not going to go into many details, except to say, didn’t it suck at the very end when Kim Kardashian showed up and proclaimed that Kanye West should be king of Narnia!?!?!?  Horrible ending for a Disney movie… HORRIBLE!

That said, Frozen seems to be my life story… except with less castles and princess waists the size of a swizzle stick and you know… a kingdom and crap.  It’s about 2 sisters, one of whom is an ice queen (WHITNEY), and locks herself away not wanting to allow anyone in because she’s afraid of them knowing her magical sorcery powers and also because she’s hurt people with her magical sorcery powers in the past.   Oh, also, the same as my life story except without the magical sorcery powers of making ice castles.  Did anyone want to go live in a fireplace after watching the movie?  Just me?  Dang if I wasn’t more frigid when I left that theater.  And no it wasn’t just because they enjoy keeping the thermostat in the movie theater at a comfortable negative 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have been/am afraid to let people get to know me too deeply… because if they do they are sure to run into that magical ice queen sorcery power which will end up impaling them via an icicle against a talking snowman.  This life we live is a tricky thing, isn’t it?  A neverending list of self-improvements, not enough time in a day.  I guess we can all take comfort in the fact that not a one of us is perfect, and if a person thinks they’re perfect… THERE’S YOUR FLAW RIGHT THERE, EGO TRIP!

All hail, King Kanye of Narnia.  Peace out.




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15 responses to “Ice Queen…

  1. cl2

    Wow! What a picture! I haven’t seen Frozen yet. My daughter keeps trying to get me to go. I’ll have to go see it now.

  2. Louisa

    “Frozen” is super cute.
    My kids love it and they are teenagers.
    They went to the theater with friends to see it just last month.
    Their favorite character is the snowman.

  3. Natalie

    I’m with you there. My family and Mom actually discouraged me from shining to the point I thought, okay I won’t hurt anyone by being awesome. Or they didn’t feel awesome. Got too many stories to dredge up about that. I don’t know how to , now, it’s awkward. So cold here to watch a ice movie….

  4. Avster

    I’m waiting for it to come out on dvd to watch it.

    Tangled is awesome, have you seen that?

    • Since it is dealing with your favorite thing… ice and snow, I thought for sure you’d be waiting in line on opening day! 😛 Now you will have to wait until summer when it comes out on DVD! I have seen Tangled too… it was cute as well!

  5. Alena

    I have got to see that movie. I may have to wait until it is really hot outside–I’m not sure I could watch a movie right now that would make me colder 🙂 I always suspected that you had magic sorcery powers 😉

    • Yes, friend… you should wait until a day this coming summer when you can’t even stand the heat/humidity outside and pop that sucker in. It is basically like air conditioning in a movie! Hope you all are surviving the nasty winter!

  6. Sounds like a cute show. It’s hard to let people get to know the real you. To much pressure to be perfect and appear perfect so getting to know us would spoil that image we’re trying to project.

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