Singles Appreciation Month…

That must mean February is here.  Galentine’s Day… Singles Awareness Day… Bowelentine’s Day (that’s the day after Valentine’s Day for people who eat too much chocolate).  This year I was the model of restraint when it came to the February goodies.  I gave my family strict instructions that I was not to have any candy given to me this year and that all the candy lying around needed to be hidden… and then I ate my weight in Fritos.  KIDDING!  I didn’t.  I stayed away from it all!  Every last piece of it.  Pats on the back to Whitney’s willpower, which is usually sunning itself on the beaches of Chuck-A-Rama next to the all-you-can-eat bread bowl.

I had 2 dates for Valentine’s night…

I took them to The Lego Movie, and then I learned I had them commit felonies by stealing the 3D glasses I rightfully paid for in the ticket price!  Recycle bin my rear receptacle!  There’s this song in The Lego Movie, “Everything is Awesome”.  I thought it was totally a cute song the first 2 times I heard it.  Times 3 and 4 it was still tolerable.  It is now Sunday night and  I’ve been playing it on constant rewind in my brain and I have decided to change the words to This song is NOT awesome.  The song is stuck!!  STUCK!  Someone cut my brain out and wash it and then reinstall it, but put more smart sections in it before you do!  

In other news… I’ve decided that kickboxing is my new jam when it comes to exercising DVDs.  There’s just something about kicking and punching the air… like a psycho person.  Stress relieving and exercising… 2 birds… 3 stones!  I made the mistake of buying a Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD, in which he makes you hold your arms up in the air, waving them around wearing weighted gloves for 60 straight minutes… if my arms had any energy left to punch his ever living lights out, I would.  Teach him to ever do that again!   The next day I put in a Jillian Michaels Kickboxing DVD (on mute, thank you very much) and then proceeded to die 5 deaths before the 40 minutes were up.  So, all in all… I’ve been resurrected about 18 times this week.  Time well spent… just don’t ask my arms… or legs… or back…



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10 responses to “Singles Appreciation Month…

  1. Louisa

    Way to go, Whitney!
    Great job resisting the candy/Valentines Day trappings and spending a fun time out with your “dates” at the LEGO movie.
    I know what you mean about getting a cute song stuck in your head. I have had the “Frozen” song “Let it Go” stuck in my head for about 2 wks now.

    Great job on the exercising front!
    I am starting to cut out the sweets & sugar detox this week.
    Getting back on track.

    • I do like that Let It Go song too! Some Utah locals did a new version of it, which is fabulous too:

      That little girl can sang!
      Way to go with getting back on track, Louisa! You can do it!

  2. Avster

    Ooh, that sounds like fun! I’ll come and do some flailing with you!

  3. Alena

    Way to go Whit! I am so impressed that you resisted all that Valentine’s candy and did kick boxing on top of that! You are also the best Valentine’s date ever! Everything is awesome has been my theme song for the last week–it is quite the catchy song 🙂

    • Ah… I see your family has been invaded by the “Everything is Awesome” song too! I don’t feel so alone in my insanity! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to Alena’s cute fam!

  4. Awesome will power. Way to go!

  5. Deanna

    The kids told me how lucky they were to go with you to the movie!! They loved it.

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