Wishy Washy Whitney…

It smells like the Yankee Candle Company vomited all over my bedroom.  Note to self:  Do not purchase smellies from the clearance bin… there’s a reason those flavors are in the clearance bin to begin with.  The flavor “winter” smells just like a smog-infested inversion met a dollop of deer doo and united as one.   And of course, I forgot and left the candle warmer on all day.  Gag me a maggot!

I’ve always, always, always and forevermore been a horrible decision maker.  Where there’s a choice between 2 things (seen as equal in my eyes), I have a hard time picking one and committing to it.  It’s annoying for everyone involved.  Choices between one thing I love and one thing I hate are a different story… show me a pot of asparagus and a chocolate bar and I’ll pick the asparagus, but only so I can have the satisfaction of putting it through the garbage disposal.  That’s also why I’m 35 years old and barely a junior in college.  Couldn’t pick a major to save my life… that and I had a hard time controlling my ADD back when I was 18 and didn’t want to go to college.  Plus I was busy gaining 530 pounds of weight… no time for homework, yo when there be thangs to eat!

I finally committed to a major a year ago, technical writing.  Phew… that’s over and done with.  Only one problem… this semester I am taking my first actual technical writing course… and I can’t see myself wanting to do what I do for this class on a daily basis in a work environment.  I just can’t.  I don’t enjoy it, and I think you should try to pick something you enjoy doing… even if just a little bit.  I don’t want to say back to the drawing board, because I do think I’m on the right course in the English section of things… maybe.  I wish I had a new brain and a magic 8 ball that worked, but mostly I wish someone would come and finish this paper I’ve been slugging my way through due Tuesday.  Procrastination… it’s what’s for dinner!

In other news… I have 2 days before my first DietBet weigh-in day and it happens to be right during hormone hoarding week where I gain 80000 gallons of water hormone weight.  No matter… I’m ounces away from my goal of 14 pounds in 4 weeks and heck if I’m going to lose this thing by ounces.  I might have to get all Arnold Shwarzdknfkwiejrowijposear before a weightlifting competition up in this joint… no water drinking and exercising wearing sweats and a garbage bag will be in my future… the lengths I will go to to keep my money!  Maybe if I just eat my dinners next to this here “winter” candle warmer, I’ll lose all sorts of ounces… on account of the fact that the stench will ruin my appetite!  Totes worth a try!




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13 responses to “Wishy Washy Whitney…

  1. Louisa

    It is ok to change majors. There’s no shame in it. Maybe English instead ?
    Good luck with your weigh-in.
    Stinky candles would definitely make it harder for me to have an appetite…lol.

    Hang in there


  2. Avster

    I’ll help you make a decision about May 3rd. 😉

    Ha ha I probably would have been the same you are had I gone on to college… too many choices!

  3. cl2

    Good luck on the weigh-in! Let us know how it goes.

  4. Alena

    Who knew that Yankee had a candle themed after Logan winters?! Maybe the maker thinks winter stinks (they would be right) 🙂 Way to go with the dietbet–I am super impressed!! Sorry that you have found that technical writing is not your thing. I hope you can discover something that you enjoy–you are such a talented person.

  5. Dessawade

    We’ll have a sweat fest and turn the heat up to 80 so you can go at it! Maybe you should talk to your advisor again and see what other options you have.

  6. I had to go to college twice to figure out my career. So you are normal. You want to enjoy your work. Every job has pros and cons but the trick is finding something rewarding enough to balance out negative parts you don’t like. Good luck with the weigh in and Arnold Schwarzenegger tactics. Those body builders are crazy about preparing for shows. Just skip the sunless tanning stuff. You don’t want to be orange.

  7. Amber

    I hope you are doing alright, I have missed your posts!

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