South of the Utah Border…

I feel like I should reintroduce myself… but then I realized the 3 people who still read this blog could care less as long as I provide free reasons for them to feel like they’re pretty much normal in comparison to me.  You are welcome, 3 people… you are welcome!  I haven’t posted for 2 weeks for good reasons… the first Monday that went by without a post was due to the fact that I had procrastinated my 6-page English empirical research report for far too long and then I had an identity crisis due to the fact that I never ever procrastinate… I also never lie or embellish the truth.  What’s an exaggeration?

The second Monday went by without a post due to the fact that I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico visiting my cuzzin Jen-Jen and her adorbs family.  Yes, I stayed in a germy hotel room for 5 days… and I lived to tell about it!  Granted, I did pack my own sheets, Clorox wipes, and hand soap.  CoughCoughPSYCHOCoughCough…

Jen-Jen and her husband, Seth just had their 2nd son in January, Blaize Isaac (insert last name here)… add him to their busy 2-year-old Cruz, and they have their hands full!  We ventured down (and by we, I mean my sister Lindsay and Madre) to try to help her out for a few days… freezer meals and cleaning were on the agenda… plus some fun stuff in between.

When we arrived Thursday evening, Jen had disobeyed my orders (think of me as a British war general but wayyyy less British and without a war) that she was not to do any cooking and had dinner all ready!!  JENNIFER!  I still ate it because Jen is a great cook and hello it was delicious and such deliciousities shouldn’t go to waste, but you ought to have seen the stink eye I gave her.  Guarantee she is lifetime scarred by it.  😛

The next morning we took the kids to the Albuquerque aquarium.  Fish are much tastier when you’re looking at them through a glass partition.  That is the truth!  What I learned from that outing was that 4 adult women were still not enough to keep track of one adorable, but busy 2-year-old.  We lost him approximately 18 times… and because he wouldn’t hold still for 5 seconds, I got some winning pictures of the back of his head:

In this one he’s wondering why we didn’t think it would be a good idea for him to get into the water.  And then I got a great mother/son shot on top of the star fish:

He was more interested in the new girlfriend(s) he met.  Sorry, Jen!  You are already being replaced.   I spent 10 seconds taking a picture of the sharks… and that was time #17 we lost Cruz…

The only time he stood still was when this SCUBA diving chic came down into the tank to hand feed the fish… then the boy was transfixed for like 10 minutes.  I told Jen she should just try to hire one of those SCUBA chics as a nanny.

I’m sure the SCUBA chic wasn’t at all self-conscious that we were staring at her.  Also, I realized that SCUBA/fish-feeding chic is not on my list of job options.  NO THANK YOU!!

That evening we had a joint birthday celebration for Mr. Cruz and Lindsay.

Cruz got all sorts of fun gifts, but his favorite were socks and a bicycle helmet.  The bike helmet came with a bike… but I think he liked the helmet the most since he wore it the rest of the day.

And then there was the cake incident!  I’m sure Jen and Seth will never want us to return again after we encouraged Cruz to have horrible manners by laughing at him and waking up the baby in the process!

This is quite possibly the cutest video EVER… but I’m not biased!

The rest of the trip included touring Old Town in ABQ:

Eating wayyyyy too much food!!  Stop the DietBet, y’all folks!

Getting pedicures…

I think mine and Cruz’s are obviously the best.  I call mine socks and slippers!   And there was a lot of hanging out with two of my favorite buddies!

Next time Blaize better get in on the act… he mostly slept, ate, and dirtied diapers!  The life of a baby!  Where do I sign up?  Not for a baby, but to have the life of a baby.

I miss my little buddies already!  Thanks, Jen and Seth for letting us hang out for a few days.  Y’all better build a wing onto the house, I might move in next time!  😛



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14 responses to “South of the Utah Border…

  1. Louisa

    Cute pics and video!
    Looks like you all had a very nice visit and lots of laughs.
    Beautiful family!

  2. Avster

    Aw, looks life fun, Whit! 🙂

    And yup, I’m as normal as you!

  3. Alena

    Oh Whit! I love it! I am so happy that you all got to be together partying! Jen–Congrats on another darling boy!
    Love the pictures–looks like a total blast!

  4. Blythe S. Berger

    WRONG on how many of us read (and missed) the blog, Whitney! I enjoyed your trips details – – and had a giant giggle when I saw “the feet.” All 3 of those pedicured feet are “Berger Feet” – -exactly the same shape as Jim’s!

    • HAHA, Katie!! That’s funny that there is a Berger foot. I can totally see that now. I don’t think I got the Berger foot gene, the 2nd toe longer than the big toe? But maybe I’m just in denial! 😛

  5. Randy

    Looks like you girls had a fun time!!

  6. Dessawade

    What fun to see the pictures again. It was such a fun time. Can’t get enough of Cruz’s charisma. He is such a blast.

  7. Lindsay

    My favorite post yet! It was a BLAST!!

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