Man In Bag…

My family, minus myself because I live in a bubble of germ issues, are all headed to Haiti earlyyyyyyy in the morning.  Like so early I will still be awake procrastinating writing the paper I’ve been trying to write for 2 weeks… which, since it is due tomorrow, is why this will be short and sweet… good laws, I’m busy procrastinating over here.  They’ll all be helping at a Haitian orphanage.  Nephew Ethan decided to use this opportunity as his Eagle Scout project, so collected donations of diapers, clothes, wipes, baby cereal, etc.  My donation was a case full of hand sanitizer.  😛

Here’s part of the group with part of their donations… there will also be Shayne’s mom and dad and then some family friends in on the gig.  I told them I’d be happy to light the bonfire for their clothes when they get home… because I’m giving like that.  In the meantime, I hope they have plungers over there.  If they do, could you tell them to give the Holiday Inn a ring and let them know their secrets!?  Great.  ThanksBye.

We decided to play a trick on Christian.

Ethan is thinking of ways to save on plane ticket prices.  I’d need a double wide trailer and a forklift!

Good luck, Family!  Sending you all service vibes and good wishes for a successful Haiti trip!



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7 responses to “Man In Bag…

  1. Funny trick on Christian. Those boys are handsome young men now.

  2. Louisa

    What a terrific thing to do!
    It will be an amazing experience for all of them and a memorable project.
    I hope and pray all goes well.
    How long will they be serving in Haiti ?
    Like you, I think I would just have to burn everything when they got home.

    • Hi Louisa. They will be in Haiti for 1 week and then will be stopping in Florida for 4 days for some fun and sun on the way home! I suggested they just leave their luggage in haiti and start all over! :p

  3. Dessa wade

    Thanks Whit. We will miss you

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