Weak Sauce…

I’m feeling pretty weak sauce lately… what in the sam hill beans does weak sauce mean?  Not sure… but I do know I feel weak sauce.  I think weak sauce means total lack of self control in every aspect of one’s life.  Get a hold of that sauce, weakling!  It’s like the effort is too much to think about, so I don’t think about it.  Get what I mean, Merle!?  No?  Good.  Did they ever invent a horse muzzle for a human being?  Because I feel like that’s an infommercial I could really get into right about now.

Also, whatever you do… WHATEVER you do, do not start playing the game on Facebook called Kitchen Scramble.  I’ve just deleted it for the 55th time because I was so addicted to mindless kitchen scrambling that I started paying actual money to get more lives so I could kitchen scramble longer and longer into the night and ignore my homework and my thoughts and the fact that this is the stupidest game in the history of stupid games, so how stupid does that make me that I’m paying actual money for stupid things?  Addictive personalities are for the birds, yo!

In other news, George Clooney is engaged.  Adjust your barometers accordingly.

PS – I won’t be posting next Monday as I’ll be out of town at a friend’s wedding in Illinois (what up, Peepster!?)  I will be waving at all of the friends in surrounding states while I’m there, though.  You will be grateful I don’t know y’alls addresses.  Weak Sauce Kitchen Scramble chic is not a great house guest!



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10 responses to “Weak Sauce…

  1. Louisa

    I have had a double dose of weak-sauce here too, Whitney.
    My sweet tooth has kicked into overdrive. You know what that means!
    Yep – say it with me – Detox time!!!
    Annnnd – I have been trying to get out walking regularly again but my excuse-monster is at full power.
    Going to just have to kick my own butt and do it.
    Have fun at the wedding and I’ll be waving at your from IL’s neighboring state of Missouri. ( waves & sends germ-free hugs ) LOL

  2. Avster

    Oh dear, I’m afraid coming to Illinois might night help your weak sauce to much…. hmm… what should I do…

    Very much looking forward to hanging out with you this weekend! 🙂

  3. cl2

    I understand the addictive personality!! I once played solitaire for 5 hours. I know that doesn’t sound like much to some players, but I don’t dare play it again. It was back when I had 2 jobs and I NEEDED to be working. I’m an “escape” artist. Have a nice trip! I’m glad you are getting away.

  4. Alena

    Have an awesome trip! Are you packing your own plunger? And yes, Merle, I totally understand the weak sauce–I’m drowning in it here 🙂

    • HA!! I was seriously considering the plunger packing! It warms the cockles of my heart to know that my pal Alena knows how Merle feels. Also, if you lived closer to Chicago than 6 hours, I could have totally stopped by to see you! Fix that next time. 😛

  5. Hey you are an awesome house guest. Good luck flying and staying in a germy hotel. Don’t forget that Clorox wipes are not flushable!

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