Oh My Stars and Garters…

My new history professor says I’m not supposed to use that phrase in a college-level paper… I figure I better get it out of my system now so I don’t accidentally cave and put it into the next assignment.  Rules and Whitney don’t always get along!

I returned from Chicago-Way almost a week ago… oh my stars and garters time flies!  The main purpose of the trip was to attend my friend, Peepster’s aka Kerissa’s wedding.  And what a loverly wedding it was.  She wanted to have it outdoors, and the weather the week before and the days after were pretty yucky and rainy and cold (believe me… I went on a boat ride the next day in 40-degree windy weather wearing a light jacket and my eyelids froze together), but on the actual day the sun crept out of it’s hiding place and there was no rain to be found.  Obviously the heavens attended the wedding!


In this picture I’m remembering the 800 America’s Funniest Home Videos where one of the wedding party faints and everyone finds it hilarious!  I tried to refrain from bringing the hilarity… mostly because it wasn’t on the program.  You ought to think about that for your next anniversary party, Kerissa and Dan…

For the reception there was a Peeps-topped wedding cake and approximately 8 bajillion delectable-looking pies, candy, and other desserts that Kerissa handmade herself… meanwhile, I brought a package of gum.  As a side note, she didn’t make the cake, but I’m sure she could have in her spare time!

It was a beautiful wedding and I’m grateful that her family and friends were all so kind to me… except for the approximately 10 times where I almost got whacked in the head by the wedding bouquet (aka iron skillet).  There were many times where someone would walk up to me and say, You must be Whitney!  And then I pulled the big Kick Me, I’m Whitney sign off my back.  Congratulations and many happy years to come, Dan and Kerissa! 

P.S. – Proof that I hadn’t seen the sun in since last summer due to constant rain and cloudiness back home?  After the wedding and the reception and the picture-taking, when I got into the car to leave, I looked into the rear view mirror only to see a huge-mongous red racing stripe from my forehead to my chin.  Apparently the makeup blocked the rest of the face from burning but the nose had been wiped and the lips had been licked and I’m pretty certain if I’d have lie down in an open field, an airplane could have used my nose as a runway.  Oh my stars and garters that was unfortunate!  



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9 responses to “Oh My Stars and Garters…

  1. cl2

    Love the cake. I LOVE Peeps. I’m glad you had a nice time. How do you stand to fly that far???

  2. Avster

    Yeah, I could have made the cake, but it would not have looked that awesome. I did make the accessories for the topper though. 🙂

    Thanks so much for coming, Whit! I *really*, *really*, *really* appreciated it that you and your mother were able come! 🙂

    You could have burst out in laughter, Whit. I probably would have joined you even had I not know what you were laughing about. 😉

  3. Karen

    You have come far yhoung lady! You look terrific! Thank you for the Garrett popcorn. Ate every kernal and only shared a bit. That is the best!

  4. I am glad the weather cooperated. I’m impressed she made her own desserts. I’ll have to call and find out more details of the trip.

  5. Alena

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I’m glad you were able to go! Oh, and I do like that “stars and garters” phrase–sorry you can’t use it in one of your history papers 🙂

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