Windy City and Frozen Buns…

After we did the walking Chicago food tour and parted ways with the Boston 5, crazy chicas for the win, the sun came out for like half a second.  It was still cold, but the warm sun felt good and so we got all over excited and decided it was out for good and we should go on a boat tour around the city… because boats on the water in the wind in 40-degree weather with no coat is always a great idea.  It started out okay… the sun was shining after all and we saw the Navy Pier from the distance.

But then the clouds started rolling in and I felt raindrops and wind… oh… there was wind… and it was whipping wind.  The tour guide was bundled up like the abominable snowman at a dumb people diving into an ice bath party.   Whitney had on short sleeves and the thinnest jacket this side of Twiggy the fashion model.  I kept having to bury my head down into my shirt, which I’m sure looked like I was straight up graduating from kindergarten in the morning, but my teeth were chattering.  I tried to enjoy the tour, but I mostly was wishing they’d pull over and let me out so I could take refuge inside the nearest Starbucks.

Some buildings on the tour.  I could give you background if I’d actually listened to the guide, but mostly all I was hearing in my head was holy crap it’s cold over and over and over again.

When we got off the boat, we did hightail it to the nearest Starbucks (on foot… you don’t drive in this city man!) and got us an extra hot chocolate.  I asked them if they could just fill a bathtub with it so I could sit in it for a while.  They told me to get lost.

Our next mission was to seek out a recommendation from our pal at home, Karen.  Hi Karen!  She said we NEEDED to go to Garrett’s popcorn and stand in line for some popcorn and then bring her a bag home.  Apparently there is always a big ole line clear down the street to get into Garrett’s, and this day was no exception… except, Madre made me hold her place in line while she went next door and stood inside a restaurant to keep warm and then told me to text her when I got inside.  Sure!!  Karen didn’t lead us astray.  The popcorn was delicious.  I got the most popular flavor, Chicago mix, which is caramel corn and cheese corn mixed all together.  Next time I think I’d just go with caramel corn because um… sugar!?

The next stop was for Madre.  She is a shop-a-holic and so we stopped at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago where she tried on clothes to her heart’s content and Whitney walked around taking pictures of the decor… I don’t know what they call the following art piece, but I’m gonna say someone likes balloons.

There was a candy store in there with an entire room dedicated to chocolate… I probably ought to hand in my application to live there.

Eventually I found myself sitting on some couches waiting for Madre whilst I read a book.  There was a lady sitting in a chair across from me.  We sat there for a good half hour or so and eventually she got up, came over to me, and handed me a card, saying she wanted to give this to me.  I thanked her and when she walked away I looked at the card, which was written all in Spanish, but I could pick out one word, Amway.  LOL… selling Amway in a mall to the most gullible person around.  She knew my number.

For lunch one day, we had Giordano’s famous deep dish cardiovascular disease on a platter.  They didn’t name it that, but the Heart Association probably did.  We liked this deep dish pizza better than the one we had the previous day… the crust was much less hard.  Sorry, Oprah.

Every time we’d go into a store, I’d scope out the plunger situation… you know… just in case.   This one comes with a dagnabbed splash guard!

The last day we were there, the morning before we flew home, we stopped at this place called Cantigny Park.  It was Colonel Robert McCormick’s old living quarters (coughcoughMANSIONcoughcough) and they had several beautiful gardens dotting the grounds.  I’m a fan of scenery and flowers and green, so I was a fan.  I’m not sure Madre liked it as much… there were no clothing racks to be seen for miles!   The following are a few of the pictures I took inside the grounds.

Smiley face gardening!

You can see part of the mansion to the left.

The swimming pool.


Mansion in the background… beautiful flowers and beautiful Madre.


Purple and white… don’t mind if I do.

This day I actually wore a bigger coat and there was no water in sight.  She learns eventually, people!

Nice to meet you Chicago.  Let’s do it again sometime when you hit the 70s to 80s.  Kay?

PS – To those asking for a recap, I’ve been begging my sister, dad, and mom to get up a post about their Haiti adventures.  They’ve agreed, but I’m sure this little blurb can’t hurt to do some buttocks kicking.  Hint Hint!




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14 responses to “Windy City and Frozen Buns…

  1. Natalie

    Sooo cold…soo so cold! I wore my winter down coat last week just to finally warm up one day! I’m 2 hours from there and still haven’t had deep dish pizza. Liked it? The Chicago hot dogs look barfy to me. Pretty city! The aquarium is big and the field museum and shopping street is all I’ve been to so far. It may never warm up this year…….

    • Hi Nammy! I’m used to it cold living in Northern Utah and all, but I wasn’t prepared to be on the water without a coat! So much for my girl scout status. The pizza was good… but I’m glad it’s not an every day thing!

  2. Avster

    Glad you had a great time in Chi-town despite freezing just a bit! 🙂

  3. I loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing. Good idea to keep tabs on the pkungers in Chicago. Hopefully we’ll hear about Haiti soon.

  4. Alena

    Awesome! I love the pictures!!! And you made my mouth water at least 3 times during this post! By the way, when you move into the chocolate room, can you save me a spot next to you? You and your mom both look beautiful, with beautiful blooms in the background 🙂

  5. Dessa Wade

    You make me sound like a shopaholic! Oh yeah, I guess I am. HAHA

  6. Lindsay

    Pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    The hint was good it again reminded me what I need to do!

  7. Louisa

    I flew to Chicago once in college. My dad was there for a doctors conference thing and my mom was going to be bored seeing the city by herself. She had me fly in the same day they got there so we could hit the Art Museum and other sites. I remember we all went out to dinner someplace fancy that evening but I don’t recall the name of the place or anything. We also took the boat ride, Whitney, but did have windbreakers on which made a big difference. It is very windy and cool out on the water. We liked the locks and dam system our boat had to go through to get out on the open water. I remember the mamma duck and her three little ducklings had it figured out down to a science when we retuned. Yes, I was more impressed with the mother duck maneuvering the locks & dam system than the restaurant!
    I have mentioned to my husband that I would like to splurge a little and take the Amtrak to Chicago with the kids and see the aquarium. It is supposed to be amazing.

    • Haha… fancy restaurants hold no candle to cute little duckies! I’m glad you enjoyed your CHicago trip and I hope you get to bring the kids back on the Amtrak! It will make many memories for them, I’m sure! Also, smart idea with the windbreaker! If I’d thought we’d be going on a boat, I’d have prepared better! Next time I’ll become a girl scout!

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