Mishing and Mashing…

Random blog post alert.  Alert the church elders!  My thoughts seem to be like a big ole pile of scrambled eggs right now, so trying to stick to one topic is going to be mighty trying… oh look, a door.   This will be like running through a mish mash of Madre’s closet mixed with Lindsay’s 6 closets.  A fashionista/muumuu-wearer’s dream come true!

This past Tuesday I had a day off from work on account of the fact that I worked Memorial Day weekend.  What to do on a day off?  The smart answer would have been homework… but sometimes a girl doesn’t use the smart part of her brain, so instead I decided to drive the 45 minutes up to my happy place, Tony Grove.  It was the end of May… surely the snow will have been melted enough to drive up into the lake portion.  Not really… it was looking good at the lower elevations but about 2 miles from the actual lake, I had to turn around on account of the fact that there was a foot or two of snow blocking the road.  Apparently, the sun wasn’t doing its job fast enough.

What do I pay you for?  Sunburns and drought?  Get on with it!  The above picture was about a mile before the snow started blocking the roadway.  Instead I just drove around random lanes and got out and walked when I couldn’t drive further.

Met up with one of my favorite meeses… pretty sure this one is Beelzebub.  Drove over to the Bear Lake lookout where there was a band of bikers relieving themselves in the weeds…  Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean the world is your “R” receptacle!

No pictures of that… moving on… moving on…

I’ll give the sun one more month to get with it… then I’m going back.  Do not disappoint me, sun!

In other news…  I know it’s spring when Madre adds to her criminal history.  I got this picture as proof for the trial.

At the bank… after hours, loading up on lilacs with a pair of pruning shears.  The SHAME!!  THE SHAME!  I was not an accomplice.  I was unwittingly brought to this location with the information that I was going to the grocery store… nothing else.

In less incriminating news… we had our annual backyard-ditch-bank-search-for-the-baby-ducklet outing with my pals, Makayla and her foreign exchange friend, Juanito Bandito, Jr.

Psyche!  That would be Corbin’s evil twin.  We did see some cute duckies, but apparently they weren’t in the mood to pose for any pictures… aka I didn’t get any.

Finally… to the dude sitting in front of me at the USU computer lab yesterday whilst I was trying to take a proctored exam, I am going to blame my less-than-stellar score on the fact that I sat there for 45 minutes whilst you wiped snot particles all over your hands every 3 seconds and then proceeded to use the mouse and keyboard like it was a snottified petri dish!  How’s a girl with 5 billion issues supposed to concentrate after that display of nastiness?  I rest my case!





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15 responses to “Mishing and Mashing…

  1. Great blog!! What is your myfitnesspal? Add me! billandrachelpeters@hotmail.com I’m mobile and I can’t figure it out lol :/

  2. deanna

    Summer seems to be having a hard time coming everywhere. The Lilacs in Edmonton are just barely starting to bloom. Love Corbin’s disguise

  3. Avster

    A true photographer captures *all* the action… 😉

    Maybe it’s a good thing the lilacs were not yet blooming at my wedding… because… there are tons of lilacs at home in IL.

  4. Dessa Wade

    Thanks Whit for incriminating me before the whole world. Can’t resist getting my fix of a lilac bouquet on the dining room table. The aroma is heavenly.

  5. Jacque

    Whitney, I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile and chuckle. Sometime when I am down there you’ll have to show me a few of these beautiful places. However, I may have a little too much of your mother in me. I usually spend way too much time shopping.

    • I would love to have you along, Jacque… but I’m guessing if you have the Berger shopping gene, you might want out after an hour so you could shop with the other holics in the family!

  6. Alena

    Great photos! Love your post! Some people have no idea the torment they cause us germaphobes 😉

  7. This blog post was hilarious. LOL!!! I’ve been tempted to steal lilacs too this spring but now that I’m in Albuquerque, it’s likely I’ll get shot.

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