Vege-sayonara-ism and Salmon…

Remember how for like 8+ years I was a certified lunatic vegetarian?  Remember how I didn’t eat meat ever and I modified recipes that included chicken broth and I invented meatless recipes for 8 years?  Remember that one time I fell on my face and got two black eyes while walking on a sidewalk?  Remember!?  A few months ago, I determined that I needed to buck up and be a woman… enter the world of the meat eaters… or at least attempt to.  It’s more of an experiment phase at the moment because I still eat 95% vegetarian during the week, but on the weekends, I’ve been forcing (yes that’s the word I would use) myself to eat at least one meat item.  I started out with chicken… which I’m still not a fan of… especially when I get a particular piece of chicken that has a fishy flavor to it… I can’t explain it… but it turned me off of it back when I was a semi-normal regular person.

This weekend I tried my first bite of roast beef.  Definitely not a fan of that yet… but I’ll keep attempting.  Pork and Turkey have not been attempted… but maybe one weekend soon I’ll get up the excitement to down a piece of pig flab.  Fish… fish will be a ways out.  Those little smelly slimy fellers I never loved.  Worm gut tar-tar anyone!?  So, to sum it up… still 95% vege-psycho-ism with an added 5% meat attemptation.

In other news, to update my “Fresh Start” goals.  I am now regularly exercising at least 3 times a week for cardio and 2 times a week for weight lifting… 3 weeks strong.  I find I have to push myself sometimes to fit it into my day, but I’m always glad after I do it.  The week after I started that I started regularly logging my food and trying to stay within a set calorie limit.  It’s helpful for me when I get home from the grocery store on Saturday afternoon to put any foods that are trigger foods into single-serving bags and then hide them out of sight so that I only eat the serving size.  I’ve also downed my sugar intake drastically.  My next goal is to stay off the scale for at least 2 weeks at a time and eventually a month.  It does no good for me to obsess over the numbers on that thing because weight can fluctuate day to day with water retention and hormoney hormones and the real measure of health is how one feels… weight loss is just a side effect.  If you see me driving around town with a scale strapped to the top of my Beulah, you’ll know I’m trying to keep it out of the house!


In other other news… this weekend was General Conference weekend (my favorite!), but also Whitney gets to work weekend and carry the pager, so it was like a unicorn carrying a single-edged sword.  I still tempted fates of the pager ringing and went with the family to check out the salmon run… aka salmons swimming upstream to lay eggs and then die in their noble effort.  Such a tragic story.  Salmon… I’d just like to tell you that I have never eaten any of your brothers or sisters.  You are welcome.

My camera is not good enough to get fabulous shots of the little critters, but if you look closely, those red oblong things are totes the salmons!

We stood here waiting for one of the salmon to jump up the waterfall, but it never happened.  They were all pretty worn out and just trying to rest

Corbin thought it was pretty cool… even if he couldn’t throw any rocks at them.

Madre and Makayla wanted feeeessshhhh for dinner!  😛

A short video for a better ability to fall to sleep tonight.  Zzzzzzzzzz…



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12 responses to “Vege-sayonara-ism and Salmon…

  1. cl2

    So, it was YOU working. I thought it was Kristy because she was the only one on IM (not at my desk). No wonder I didn’t get a reply. I should have called (just wondered if i could work on SF since Jackson was low). I can’t imagine not liking meat. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. Congratulations on doing so well the last few weeks. I’m still trying to get out and walk. Maybe today (I’ve made it about once a week).

    • Oh bummer! Sorry, Colleen! Was it Saturday or Sunday? I was on for a good chunk of the day Saturday, but I tend to wander back and forth all day and night and when I leave my desk for more than 15 minutes, my computer goes into hibernate mode, so shuts off my IMer as well. Next time call or email fo’ sho’! Great job getting out and walking once a week. You are about to your favorite time of the year to walk outdoors!

  2. Avster

    Go Whitters! 🙂

  3. Alena

    You go girl! Even after having “renounced” vegetarianism, 15 years ago, I still am not a big meat fan (thus the reason for becoming a vegetarian in the first place 🙂 ). I love your gorgeous fall pictures and the salmon–very cool!

    • So, it’s a life long dislike of meat! I can live with that. I mean, there are so many other things besides meat that are tastier! Happy Birthday today, Friend! Par-tay it up!

  4. Dessa Wade

    Good job Whit! Keep it up. Feels good to be in control or your life.

  5. Way to go Whitney! Glad you’re sticking to your program. The salmon run sounds cool. Keep us updated on your meat eating experiences.

  6. Faith

    Sounds like you are doing great!

    Just wondering, why do you want to start eating meat again? Health reasons or because it’s easier? I know so many people (including myself the recent years) that are working towards eating less meat.

    • Hi Laura! It’s a little bit of both. It is easier… but also I’ve been having extreme weakness in my legs when doing minor things like walking up stairs, etc. They’ve tested some things to see if it’s a muscle disorder but those have come back negative. My doctor recommended I try adding more protein in my diet. I doubt I’ll get more than once a weekend meat in since I do not enjoy eating it… but I thought I best try something!

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