Headless Peoples On Main Street…

I consider myself a very jumpy person.  I jump at the sound of someone coming into the same room I’m in and have been known to holler when the water heater turns on.  I think it all stems back to the fact that I’m a wimp and when I was a kid my dad would often wake us up for school in the mornings by throwing open the bedroom door and yelling HEY!! really loudly.  That gets the heart a racing, I tell you what!  My family thinks it’s hilarity to the highest degree to scare the bagoobers out of me… I can’t help that my head has bobblehead qualities.  It’s like family entertainment night to sneak behind me and slap me upside the head just so they can hear me scream when I jump and watch my head bobble.  Forget the movie!  Obviously, I don’t get the fascination, but to each their own.

That said, obviously deciding to go to a downtown ghost tour walk was probably an embarrassment waiting to happen!  I did it anyway… drug my friend, Karrie along to wander around Main Street in the dark.  There were a few jumpy moments when we watched the play, The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe.  There were a few jumpy moments as we traipsed down Main Street and entered old buildings to hear ghost stories, but then there was the time we crossed Main Street on foot, a group of us following our guides to the next ghost story location, Karrie and I bringing up the rear, when all of a sudden this thing galloped out from behind some trees and Whitney nearly collapsed from fright!

Picture courtesy of Logan Downtown Facebook page.

Y’all… the horse was right up in my face like literally inches away… I could feel the breath coming out the horse’s nostrils.  Whenever I’d try to go around it, the headless dude either couldn’t see where he was going on account of the fact that he didn’t have a head or he was trying to scare the bagoobers out of me and kept weaving whichever way I’d weave to get past him.  That poor horse anyway… some 300+-pound chic kept screaming in its nostril holes for a good 10 minutes.  And we were the last in the group so it’s not like he had anyone else to go after when they all ran for their lives and I was stuck doing the 2-step with a headless horse dude!  Do you see the horse has red eyes… do you SEE!?!?!?  Oh my crimeny.  If I ever need my heart defibrillated, I’ll just run into this thing again in the dark.  My friend, Karrie was no help at all on account of the fact that she was trying to get a picture of it, but was laughing so hard she couldn’t hold the camera still enough to get a good one in the dark.  It’s a good thing I’m potty trained!  When I FINALLY got around the horse dude… I think he finally took pity on me and continued on down the lane… this zombie looking dude with a pale white bloody face jumped out at me and began following us cackling and spouting nonsense about wanting to eat us.  I mentioned to Karrie that he was stalking her, to which he chimed in, I’m stalking you too!   Obviously I’d be the first on the menu!   I’d recommend therapy, pale face.

After the 2-step dance practice, we headed to the movie theater to see Meet the Mormons.  Three thumbs up to a feel good, funny, and positive movie that beautifully illustrates that Mormons are not aliens, but regular everyday people!  Go see it!

In other news… it’s officially fall when we pick out pumpkins for the front stoop.  I wanted to buy this one… unphotogenetically (where the crimeny puffs am I looking?  It’s like there’s a horseman galloping through the sky fields)… because it was the easiest one to carry.

Instead, we picked a variety of heavier ones… my favorite is the white and orange one…

Happy October friends… I hope y’all can get out and enjoy the fall colors!


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5 responses to “Headless Peoples On Main Street…

  1. Jen

    I like the white and orange pumpkin too. Great pictures too. The leaves have not changed in Albuquerque yet. I would not have been brave enough to do that ghost walk so I’m impressed. The red eyed horse is definitely straight from a horror movie.

  2. Alena

    Aaaaaaahhh! That is freaky 🙂 Sounds like you had a fun night. I’m glad the movie was great. I don’t think enough people around here want to meet the Mormons, so I guess I’ll have to wait until it comes to DVD 🙂 . I love your gorgeous CV/Wade house fall pictures–makes me homesick. Thanks for the ray of sunshine in the mail last week! Totally made my day!

  3. Lindsay

    I remember being invited to ghost tour…………….but I wasn’t there! mmmmhhhh i think I got replaced!

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