Well… There Was That Week…

I’m seriously sitting her for the last 10 minutes trying to think of something to write for my weekly nonsensical blog post rambling of insanity.  Truth is… I did nothing this past week that is even remotely blog worthy, not that I ever do anything that is remotely blog-worthy and I still manage to vomit all over this website for 2-1/2 hours every Monday.  But this past week was even more boringer (page 3423, Whitster’s Dictionary… look it up).  The only noteworthy accomplishment was that after having my molar removed on my birthday last Thursday and developing dry socket and a wicked infection with sharp shooting pains and after going to the dentist 3 times this past week to have them pack a clove gauze majig up into my tooth hole and then finally getting antibiotics, I finally have some shooting head pain relief.  PRAISE ALL THAT BE HOLY, HALLELUJAH!

To let you in on the other boring parts of my week, which included my regular working and schooling, tonight I just spent an hour transfixed to possibly the stupidest show in the history of stupid shows:  Outrageous Giant Foods on The Food Network.  There’s 45 minutes I’ll never get back.  People competing to grow the biggest 1600-pound produce, making a gigantasmic pumpkin pie with 3500 eggs, and boating down a river in a hollowed out gourd.  There was a guy in England who grew a 20-pound onion and a dude in Canada who grew a 12-foot long gourd.  Oh my stars and garters, where’s a plastic spork so I can gouge my eyeballs out!?  In my defense, I could eventually become eligible to compete to grow the biggest dirt clod with weeds in it and probably win handily, so it was more research-ucational than anything.

Due to my large painful headspace, I did not do well with the exercising this week.  Back on it starting Monday… now that it’s going to be dark at 4:00 each day, I feel like it’s a  perfect opportunity to wear my sandwich board around town picketing Daylight Savings Time!



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12 responses to “Well… There Was That Week…

  1. Avster

    Lovely shots!

    Glad your toothy is feeling better and I want a Whister Dictionary for Christmas! :b

  2. Louisa

    beautiful pics!
    Glad you are better from all that dental work.

  3. Audrey Hutchison

    I watched the same show!! We must have been really hard up for entertainment. I look forward to Mondays for your message and pictures Don’t ever quit.
    Old friend Audrey

  4. Jacque

    I love to read your blog. Even your most boring weeks are entertaining. And love the pictures. Soooo beautiful.

  5. Alena

    Oh my gorgeous pictures! I am so sorry about the atrocious tooth problems and hope they are all better. Xoxoxo

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