Back To Drool…

Snooooorrrrreeee…  I really don’t have anything to blather on about.  Spring (BWAHAHAHAHAHAH) semester at USU started this past Wednesday… because it’s fashionable to start in the middle of the week these days.  I’m taking a 2nd Spanish course and a sociology class.  So far, my motivation to want to read textbooks, study, and do assignments was left back in 1985… I was greatly motivated in 1985… that was a good year for first graders!

I went to my Spanish class on Thursday after not having cracked a Spanish study session for at least 3-1/2 weeks and basically it was like someone took one of them old geezer-fashioned chalkboard erasers and wiped out my memory bank… and let’s face it… the rest of the brain parts as well.  I sat there for the whole three-hour class drooling out my mouth hole whilst straining to remember the words.  I did remember muy estupida… so used that phrase often.  I might fit right in with the class because so far, the class (which is broadcast to several different cities throughout Utah joining in on the conversation via TV screens) is much smaller than it was last semester, but it’s also a lot weirder.  There’s me… that makes anything weird.  There’s some kid who took to lying on the ground in the middle of the class discussion and then chiming in every 5 minutes with the most bizarre questions/requests.  One of his requests was that the profesora not mark him down for lying on the ground because technically he’s still inside the classroom, but his back hurts so this is beneficial for him.  I thought about bringing my sleeping bag next week… might as well catch a few Zzzzzs.  Another of his bizarre requests… when taking proctored exams for the class, he is going to need his own separate special room without any people in it so that he can talk to himself outloud and/or lie on the ground at varying intervals.  I wonder if he’s single.

There was also the girl who brought in a 72-oz soda and a box of a dozen donuts, which she kept munching on throughout the class.  She happened to be directly in my same classroom… GO CHEWING NOISES!   I’ve never understood people who eat whole meals during a class.  It’s weird…  Granted, the class is 3 hours long, but if Whitney can lay off the booze for those 3 hours, you can leave your donut box in the car.

One chic left 10 minutes after the class started… pretty sure she got scared off by Weirdville and we will never see her face grace this classroom again.

Oh the lengths I go to to geezer my way through school.  Somebody send me a smart robot who speaks Spanish and knows sociology.  Whitney needs to get back to her crafting corner!

Oh hi January inversion central!  PAR-TAY!  These pictures are for former Cache Valleyans to realize what they’re missing by moving away.  You are welcome!



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6 responses to “Back To Drool…

  1. Avster

    My nose is drooling. Any remedies for that?

  2. Your writing always makes me laugh out loud. So funny. I can’t believe that guy lying on the ground. Definitely single!

  3. Louisa

    That cracked me up.
    I agree with Jen – that floor guy is definitely single.

  4. deanna

    HaHa Anybody can take a normal class, but Whit you make them sound so interesting! Good luck in school.

  5. Alena

    Wow–your Spanish class sounds AWESOME! Heehee! Thanks for the inversion pictures–I guess I will settle for our clear, albeit subzero skies 🙂

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