Dangit, Beulah!

Beulah the Buick… she may be coveted by many a people on my block, but little do they know the secrets behind her bird doo-ed exterior.  Like the time a few weeks back when the defroster refused to blow any air, causing me to have to hang my head out the window like a dog in frigid weather.  There’s a sight no one wants to see on their birthday… some 300+-pound chic barreling toward them in a frosted over vehicle.  Yes, officer… it was like this when I got in.  DANGIT, BEULAH!  Or like the time this past Tuesday when she refused to start 10 minutes before I was to be at a class clear across town causing me to hyperventilate into a bag of M&Ms… DANGIT, BEULAH!  There was the time just this past Saturday where I took her to Autozone for them to test the battery and alternator, where they proclaimed the battery dead on arrival causing me to dig out too much moolah for a new ticker and also windshield wiper replacement blades on account of the fact that whenever I’d use them it would just shmear the snow and ice all over the window and make it worse.  Upsell for you Autozone employee!  DANGIT, BEULAH!

There was also the time this past Saturday when because we were at Autozone, close to where the new and not-yet-open Dunkin’ Donuts is, we witnessed folks coming out the doors with boxes of donuts.  Oh BEULAH, FOR SERIOUS!?  So, of course you know we had to go investigate this phenomenon… donuts leaving a closed facility!?  How is that possible, Donut Fairies!?  Upon entering the facility, we found out that it was indeed closed but there were two employees there handing out boxes of one dozen donuts for dang FREE!  DANGIT, BEULAH!  And it was the mixed variety too… one of each flavor with SPRINKLES… SPRINKLES!  BEULAH!

I may have matured in my geezerly old age in that I was able to control my donut consumption to a couple the past 2 days… which on a scale from pastry puffery to brussel sprout festival is somewhere in the middle.  It’s a miracle Beulah and I are still on speaking terms after the whole donut kerfuffle.  Maybe next time she could break down next to the cupcake shop.  I’m just saying.

This is why Charlie and I have a lot in common!

Some of us are having a hard time recognizing Cache Valley in January this last week.  No inversion… blue skies?  BEULAH!



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10 responses to “Dangit, Beulah!

  1. Alena

    You make me laugh! Beulah better start behaving herself 🙂 I hope the new semester is going well! Beautiful blue-skied picture!

  2. Louisa

    Sounds like you were having some of the same vehicle problems that I was.
    My SUV was being very moody with the artic air we had last week in these parts. She would just click and not crank over and go. Very unreliable and with kiddos that just won’t do.
    Had to take my husbands pickup to the kid’s activities a few times. That is very stressful! We are all geared up & loading my vehicle and then she won’t even start so I can’t even get it warmed up. ARGH! It’s like BP level goes through the roof. QUICK – transfer everything over to the pickup! Then I have to go through a mental checklist of what I will need to get out of my SUV that I will possibly need ( because I carry all kinds of things in there!). My husband doesn’t carry ANYTHING in his pickup. I mean NOTHING at all. If he had to leave it somewhere, and the tow truck or cops looked in it – they would think its a nice looking pickup that didn’t have an owner. Not the case with my SUV. They would take one glance inside and be – oh yeh, this one has an owner and she is a mom!
    Needless to say my husband checked it over and determined it wasn’t the starter as he first suspected but needed a new battery. Problem fixed!
    She fires right up now – YAY

    • How ironical that we both had the same battery issue at the same time! I’m glad you got your SUV back. It is miserable trying to find your way in this fast-paced world without your vehicle for sure!

  3. I sympathize with Charlie Brown. Good job on only eating 2 donuts. If they were gluten free vegan, I would have eaten the whole dang box. When you’re ready for a new vehicle, I’d recommend a Subaru. I sure love mine. Tree huggers and all!

  4. kittty wampus!

    are you sure it wasn’t actually the most friendly donut-looting ever? Maybe it was night time, hard to see the shattered glass?

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