Move Over Comfort… Bring On The Awkwardness and Anxiety!

Some of you may remember how I once waxed poetic about my ability to graciously navigate social waters.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA… that never happened.  Instead, I may have mentioned about 8 katrillion times of my penchant for awkwarding up a social situation with two hands tied behind my back.  It’s totes a gift and one that I wear with humiliation and cheese curds!

It turns out a new opportunity has presented itself for me to display my gift of awkward anxiety… cheese curds anyone?  The sweet people of Four Seasons Theatre Company (they who let me become the old olive tree in a production of “The Garden” two years ago) have once again thought of me for a role in their upcoming musical, Mary Poppins.  I wrestled with the decision of whether or not I’d want to audition for an actual role in a play that included scary things like costumes and makeup… and a solo about 3 keys higher than my vocal range of comfort… low and slow… bring it on!  High and die… wear your earplugs!  I had learned of the role about a month before the actual auditions and had made my mind up approximately 18 times that I was and then I wasn’t going to attempt it.  Three days before the audition, I made my mind up that I wasn’t going to do it and I was at peace with the decision.  But then my madre ran into a lady at church connected with the theatre company who told her they hoped I’d audition.  I somehow made it to the audition.  I really don’t think it was on my own two legs or right mind… it was like I was floating along in a trance of “spoon full of sugar” juice.  The audition didn’t go like I wanted it to… I was extra nervous and my high notes were strained and then I somehow messed up the words and stopped my own audition in the middle of it letting them know that they’d heard a plenty.  GREAT DIRECTION, WHITMEISTER!

They put the cast list up tonight:

I’d like to note that I’m coming full circle on my hatred of all things bird… being attacked by an angry turkey when I was 4, accosted by an angry owl, pooped on by a friendly magpie, and countless baby birds falling into my window well is about to go down.  Also, the resemblance is UNCANNY!

The song I sing, Feed the Birds is a lovely song about not judging a book by its cover… and probably a whole lotta other stuff that I haven’t discovered yet.  In other news, apparently I’m typecast at the age of 36 as “old”.  Old Olive Trees and Old Bird Women… I could probably sign up to join the AARP, considering!  Take some deep breaths in and out, Whit-Knee… time to step outta your comfort zone again.  Do it for the love of all things bird!  Thank you for the opportunity, ye’ sweet people of Four Seasons Theatre Company!

This view will never be the same.  This is a picture of the former Golden Toaster church.  Sayanora, historic church and view.  I once broke a pew by sitting on it in this church approximately 15 years ago when I weighed 530 pounds.  That’s probably why they tore it down.  😛

This is how Lucy-Fur sleeps.  It’s pretty freaky.  One eye wide open and snoring.  No one sleeps with their eyes open unless it’s a zombie.  Lucy… you got some ‘splainin’ to do!



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18 responses to “Move Over Comfort… Bring On The Awkwardness and Anxiety!

  1. That’s so exciting. I want to come see the show. I remember that church. I can’t believe it’s getting torn down. They need to do the same to my church. And then build a new one closer to my house.

  2. cl2

    That is so great, Whitney! I love that song. My daughter’s friend was singing it in the car once when they were in middle school. She sang it, “Feed the birds, tuppence a day.” My son and I sing it to my daughter that way as a joke. I need to run up and see where they tore the golden toaster down. About time.

  3. deanna

    Good Job. I love the song she sings. Keep us posted. We enjoyed the last show you were in and don’t want to miss this next one.

    • Thanks, Aunt D! You were so sweet to come to the last one. I’d hate for you to drive all the way down for my 5 minutes on stage unless you happened to be around visiting Angie and fam!

  4. Avster

    Go Whitters! Must have some ESP going on as I was singing “Feed the Birds” a few days ago. :b

    My only claim to fame is that I sang the alto part of “Feed the Birds” in choir.

  5. Karen

    I love that song from Mary Poppins. Actually bought a limited edition lithograph of a bird woman by a famous artist after seeing Mary Poppins in SLC. You may have to have it. Someone needs to tell me when you are performing. Congradulations.

  6. Louisa

    wow that is a terrific part, whitney!
    lucy is such a pretty kitty – freaky one-eye open snoring and everything….

  7. Jacque

    I’m so excited to see you in another production. You know we will be there. I can’t wait. And FYI I sleep with my eyes half open. I must be part Zombie 😖

    • You were so dang nice to come to the last one Jacque! As for the zombie sleeping eyes… it must be from your years as a nurse… having to walk around like a zombie with your eyes half open!

  8. Alena

    Yay Whitney! That is awesome– I am very impressed with you! Man, I wish I didn’t live so far away, I’d be there in a heartbeat 🙂 Farewell golden toaster… I think the view has improved. I hope you are sleeping with one eye open, so you can keep an eye on miss zombie cat…I wouldn’t turn my back on her if I are you 😉

  9. Dessa Wade

    WooHoo! You’re going to Hollywood!

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