The Case of the No Good, Very Bad Gargantuan Feet Syndrome…

Yes… it’s a cross I’ve had to bear.  I blame my mother… except my mother is tall and slender and I’m built like a Mack truck on donut day at an all-you-can gorge Chuck-Up-A-Rama conference.  We both wear a size 10-1/2… which would be cool and all, but most shoe companies do not make a size 10-1/2.  They make half sizes for all of the other sizes clear up to 9-1/2, but screw you people in the 10s!  You will be forever cursed with wearing shoes that are either a tad bit too small or a tad bit too large… a 10 or an 11… them’s are my choices.

If that was my only problem, I’d be lying.  I was also born with my dad’s very tender, sensitive feet.  The kind of feet that couldn’t walk on a bed of cotton balls barefoot because it would feel like a bed of glass shards.  I never go barefoot.  Not in the house, not outside, not at the beach (I never go to the beach, but this is beside the point!)… I simply do not like green eggs and ham.  And don’t get me started on those somewhat dressy shoes they sell with the sole the thickness of a paper towel.  Them things are like strapping ice skates to your feet UPSIDE DOWN!  Then if my shoes are ill-fitting and I try to maneuver the world in the ill-fitted shoes with my tender sensitive clodhoppers, it’s like throwing a whale out of the water and telling him to crawl back into it.  It don’t work, Sam!  I’m sure you can all relate to every last one of my analogies this post.  I tell you, I stayed up late putting these suckers together.

So, the point of this post, if there ever is one, is that buying shoes is like trying to find the elusive Bigfoot.  I need new shoes.  I’m hobbling around on a pair of slippers (I call them slippers, they are actual shoes… my slippers have to have a hard sole) and then another pair of shoes that I’ve pretty much worn down to the threads… and I can feel every pebble I step on through.  The week after Christmas I went out to do my least favorite thing… shoe shopping.  I figured there might be some fairly good-ish deals the week after Christmas… and let’s face it… I’m a cheap wad.  After visiting several places and trying on several shoes in the sizes of 10 and 11, I was not impressed… the 10s were a bit too small and the 11s a bit too big… where the helium balloons is my Goldilocks moment!?!?!?  I finally settled on a pair of 10s… thinking maybe I could get them to stretch out.  I just got around to wearing them out and about this past Saturday… and they were horrid.  I will be selling them on eBay STAT!  It was like a Chinese torture chamber up in them hoppers.  My feet could not breathe and I swear I have an abscess on the back of my Achilles tendon from where the shoes rubbed through all day.  BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!  Hey shoe companies… throw a large clodhopper chic a stinking bone over here.  Humor me with the size 10-1/2, will ya!?

In other news… people with actual real problems are roaming the Earth and I’m over here rambling for 12 hours about feet!  Carry on with your lives, friends!  😛

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Anyone recommend a nice, comfortable, fairly non-ugly brand of shoes for everyday wear?  




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15 responses to “The Case of the No Good, Very Bad Gargantuan Feet Syndrome…

  1. That sounds frustrating. I have a hard time getting comfy shoes too. It seems like at the store they fit just fine, and then once I get them home they are either too tight on my toes or too loose and rub my heels. So I waste a lot of money on shoes that don’t get worn much. I would just forget about fashion and get yourself a pair of comfy athletic shoes. Also Skechers make some really comfortable slip on tennis shoes that are good to wear with casual stuff. I have a pair I wear a lot. One of the styles is called “Go Walk.” These are the ones I have from kohls:

  2. Avster

    I can somewhat understand what you’re going through. Depending on the shoe I wear a 9 to a 9 1/2 and even then it’s still hard to find what I’m looking for. I’ll see what I want in a smaller size but somehow that particular shoe just wasn’t made in a larger size.

    I tend to get my shoes at Payless.

  3. Tia

    Fact: if you’re looking for comfortable shoes, you will have to fork out the bucks. You get what you pay for in shoes, and there is no better or more important investment (at least that’s my opinion). I need my feet to be happy at all times, and we all know what I put them through.

  4. cl2

    I’d agree with the go walk shoes. I actually have a 9-1/2 and a 10 in those and both feel comfortable. My daughter wears 11s and she has a size 10 in the go walks. She has the same complaint. I think she got some athletic shoes at what is that place that makes exercise equipment here in Cache Valley. The local ward has a Zumba group that meets on Monday and Friday and the woman who leads the group told them about a sale there a few months ago. I think they have the sale 4 times a year. My daughter was just showing me the shoes she bought there again and stating they make her feet look big. They don’t. They are the only exercise shoes she has that don’t make her feet look big. I’ll have to ask her about it for you. Also, she has some shoes she wears to church, but you could wear them everyday that I got at Famous Footwear. She requested them as she already had a pair. Not like we have a FF in town any longer, though. They are Joliet B1295M2002. I’ll have to see if they are anywhere on line.

    • Oooo… I had not heard of that brand. I will definitely check them out. Thanks, Colleen! It makes me feel better to know that your daughter gets the nasty 10/11 shoe curse too. We can commiserate!

  5. cl2

    They have the Joliet shoes on e-bay in all sizes (but, of course, not 10-1/2). You are welcome to try her’s on before you purchase any. She has a size 10. E-bay is the best price I can see.

  6. cl2

    Sorry–they are actually made by Dr. Scholl’s, and are really cute shoes. The 10s are big on me.

  7. WOW……quite the foot problem !

  8. Alena

    Ugh! Misery!! I really like Merrell shoes, and get this, they come in size 10 1/2. I just looked on amazon and it looks like they have some cute options in your size 🙂 Good luck!

  9. Louisa

    Don’t feel too bad, Whitney.
    I wear an 8.5 and can’t hardly find anything I really like or fit me either.
    I don’t know if I am just picky or if that is a popular size and the good ones are always gone by the time I get there.
    I have to have real tennis shoes with real soles. The ones with arch support and are NOT made of that ridiculous “croc” sole material that is so popular right now. It is nearly impossible to find a decent shoe anymore.

    • Amen about the croc soles… those things are not comfy at all! I agree about trying to find a decent shoe that happens to be a good price and good fit. They have a lot of those ballet flats, which I will never wear!

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