Beep Beep Boop…

This wordpress website has a new format in which whenever I want to type a new post, it brings up this box that has the words “beep beep boop” flashing while it supposedly churns out a new screen.  As if there are magical elves on the other side of the inter-waves cobbling together a shiny new post.  What would be even cooler is if those elves wrote up my blog post whilst beep beep booping.  Note to wordpress… beep beep booping is unnecessary and so 80s it makes me want to crimp my hair and join a metal band with leg warmers.

Moving on… my sociology class is quite an eye opening read.  It focuses on the messed up social institutions and laws aspect of why our country is a frigging mess, tackling topics like racism, poverty, gender, politics, class, education, etc., etc., etc.   It’s mostly one big… oh no we just didn’t moment from page to page.  I do know one thing… we need to bag all of the politicians running this nation and get a group full of middle and low class sociologists in office… and STAT!  They know what they be talking about.  Obviously that won’t happen because this nation is run on money and those who have money make all the laws and rules… it’s no wonder the gap between the wealthy and the poor is twice the size of the grand canyon, and the middle class is being squoze out like road kill on a cracker.

All this to say, I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks back.  My friend and I are taking these USU extension classes once or twice a month.  Usually they are classes on how to eat healthily and/or budget wisely… and the eating healthily classes usually come with samples of healthified dishes… all for free!  Although, last class I had to gag down a spinach ball with a side of barley… NEVER AGAIN!!

The people who come to these shindigs vary from class to class, but I always see one particular lady… every single class.  I notice her because she is usually overly bundled up for the weather and is often seen wearing colorful character pajamas.  She’s always been very nice.  One time she sacrificed her seat so that I could sit next to my guest.  Our February class was on heart health and once again the lady was sitting right in front of me.  During a break in the class, she turned around and asked my friend and I where we lived.  She then asked me if she could get a ride after class.  I didn’t think anything of it and immediately agreed.  She told me that I could just drop her off on the corner of 10th N. and 3rd W., to which I replied that I would have no problem taking her right up to her house.  To which she quietly answered that she was homeless.  Thankfully the class started back up again and the awkwardness of it all was forestalled until the end of the class.

As I was driving her to her “corner” she was proudly showing me the new knit hat her mother had purchased her.  I stuck my foot in my mouth about 8000 times when asking about her family.  She told me she had 3 grown sons, I didn’t think and told her she must be an expert at raising boys, to which she replied that her oldest and youngest sons were in prison… her youngest just about to go back in for the 2nd time.  She felt like she needed to explain that he got caught up with the wrong friends as a teenager and couldn’t get out of it.  She was a prime example of every chapter of my sociology textbook put together.  The institutions we have set up for the poor do not help them get out of a neverending cycle of poverty and hopelessness.  There is not much hope for a person coming out of prison to change.  He/she is still poor and still has to go back to the same place he/she had trouble with in the first place with nothing to bolster them into a better sphere.  My heart hurts for those stuck in the neverending cycle of never-enough.

As I dropped that lady off on her corner on a chilly night, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I said a prayer of gratefulness for all that I have.  I do tend to complain about my situation on occasion, but the truth is there are so many people who would trade me in a freaking heartbeat… and I know I don’t have what it takes to live their lives.  Kudos to you sweet lady with the new hat.  I sent up a prayer that you will see some hope in your future.


We had Makayla’s 9th family birthday par-tay tonight…

The owl theme… I’m not at all obsessed with owlie owls!

In fact, no I did not stay up late Friday and Saturday night concocting this lopsided, 12-year-old-could-have-done-better owlie pillow…  I should have asked for help from the beep beep boop fairies!

It sucks to be the brother of the birthday girl during her party… all he gets is this heat pad!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!



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10 responses to “Beep Beep Boop…

  1. Avster

    Did you make her that owly owl?

  2. Alena

    Wow–your sociology class sounds very interesting. You are such a wonderful person with such a big heart. I love the owlie pillow–that Makayla is one lucky gal.

  3. That owl pillow looked bigger than I thought I LOVE IT! Fun times

  4. Louisa

    I am glad you opened yourself up to the lady in the extension class and drove her ‘home’. I pray she is able to improve her situation soon.
    I am glad you are getting a lot out of your sociology class, Whitney. It was one of my favorites in college.
    Happy 9th birthday to your cutie-patootie niece.

  5. Kayla is so grown up. You are totally right about the people that get stuck in that cycle. Wish it was easier for them to get out. I am glad you were able to help her. I will say a little prayer for her too.

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