The Backlash…

First things first… wow… thank you all for the overwhelming love and support for Monday’s post.  I had no idea when I was typing that sucker up it would resonate with so many people… but I’m glad it did.  This world could use a lot more compassion and a lot less criticism.  So many people shared the post that my page views were 20 times higher the last 2 days than they are on a regular basis.

Of course when one has an opinion there are going to be the dissenters.  You know what they say about opinions… they’re just like wedgies.  Just because you don’t have one today don’t mean you won’t have one tomorrow.  While the vast majority were lovely and supportive comments, I did end up with about 20 or so that were so vile and hate-filled, I could have hung them up on the devil’s refrigerator.

Imagine that… a little ole post about having more compassion for those who may look different than you do came back with at least 10 people commenting that I was being a “whiny [expletive delete] with a huge victim mentality who takes no responsibility for being fat.”  There was the dude who told me if I’d spend less energy writing pity me dirge like this and more energy exercising, I’d have lost my weight already (Katie Hopkins… is that you?  Also, I exercise 3 to 6 days a week).  There was something about how fat is merely an adjective and if I am offended by the word it’s because I have no backbone.  There was something about comparing fat prejudice to any other prejudice is ridiculous because no matter what I think my weight is within my power.  I’ll stop here… but the pleasantries went on.

These people completely missed the point… completely!  But, they also proved my point… completely… so thank you for that, pleasant folk hiding behind the sword and shield you call a computer.

I’m guessing the lack of riboflavin in these folks’ diets is a big reason for why they are so hateful… I’d also venture to say if they’d think of adding a few bowls of Cocoa Pebbles per week into their diets they’d get that mineral right up into a normal level.  Riboflavin disease is the worst… especially on the common sense bone.

This blog post is for me… I need to let the negative go and move on, keeping the positive in mind.  I can only imagine the haters must have something going on in their lives making them so bitter.  I hope they are able to figure it out and get back to the sunny side of life… it sucks living on the devil’s refrigerator.

Also, Kelly Clarkson has a message for you on my behalf:



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19 responses to “The Backlash…

  1. I can’t believe people think it’s acceptable to say those things. You are right about them proving your point. Don’t listen to them. They don’t have a clue.

  2. Avster

    I am a booger. That’s what I learned from Monday’s post. 😉

    Obviously some of those replying whiners haven’t read your blog from start to finish otherwise they wouldn’t be saying what they said. 🙂

    Is there a sticker I can have for being one to read every post?

  3. cl2

    For one, you are one of the least whiny people I’ve ever met. I have loved working with you. I loved it when we worked in the office together. You just keep working so hard no matter what. You have a great sense of humor. May I also say, I was anorexic thin in my teens, 20s, and then life caught up with me. Someone who has been thin and never been fat has no clue what it is like. The health industry has failed us. And it isn’t a matter of just losing the weight. It isn’t that easy. My ex used to say “just stop eating” and then he gained about 30 pounds a few years back and I’d laugh and say, “Just stop eating.” He’d just scowl at me. You are a great person. Don’t let them get you down.

    • THank you, sweet Colleen! I really enjoy working with you too! The good ole days when we’d cavort in the backroom by the lunchinette! It really is true that someone who hasn’t struggled with weight wouldn’t be able to give advice! Stop eating my rear.

  4. Karen Smith

    Proud to see the letter to the editor. Appreciate your sharing. Glad to see you last night and tell you what I thought of your blog. You are the best!

  5. Haters are crazy! Let it roll off! They are there to create bad feelings for others….what a miserable life they must have and miserable people them must be! Keep it up…..I heard something about the Herald Journal????? Is that a secret?

  6. Amber

    It is sad that people that are miserable and angry can effect the rest of us, I hope it doesn’t make you hesitate to write your feelings in the future, it sure takes courage! It gives me a glimpse see what kind of ignorance and hate you have had to deal with throughout your life, your amazing.

  7. Amber

    I just saw your letter in the Herald Journal, you are brave and amazing, it will help a lot of people, I am forwarding this to all of my family.

  8. Dessa Wade

    I keep singing in my head Taylor swift’s song about haters gong to hate. Don’t waste our time with them. They want to get a reaction so let’s not let them. Keep being strong and know we all love you no matter what

  9. Jessica Jensen

    Seriously?! They obviously haven’t read your blog or know how hard you have worked to get where you are…and you are AMAZING and talented. They probably didn’t even read the whole article. Ridiculous!

  10. Louisa

    You are surrounded by love and are so very blessed, Whitney.
    Blogging, like a personal journal, is a lot more for the writer than the reader. You, however, are a sweet and generous person that shares her blog with the rest of us. We delight in your sense of humor and word play. We all love your beautiful pictures and true devotion to your family and theirs to you. Just remember that ALL the haters out there are unhappy people that need our prayers. May they seek out God’s love and in finding Him, also realize they no longer need to try to crush others to feel something.

    • AMEN, Louisa. It’s really not a problem with me they have… it’s a problem with themselves. THank you for your sweetness and support! I hope all is going well for you about to enter the summertime season!

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