Merry Easter…

Easter has become a time for pants-less, freaky-looking bunnies to scare the bajoobers out of small fry and then try to win back their favor by shoving chocolate and marshmallows in their face.  That sounds more like the torture chamber at Willy Wonka’s to me… except with less oompa and not a whole lot of loompa… but hell if there ain’t doopity doo.   With all of the hub-bub… and the fact that the dagnabbed florals are blooming and making me glee to the moon and back…

It’s sometimes hard to focus on the real meaning of the season (in my belief system anyway… carry on with whatever your belief system happens to entail… but let’s hope it has rear-less chocolate bunnies somewhere in it).  If you haven’t, take a few minutes to gander at this short video.  You will not be disappointed.


In other news… during my woggercizing session the other night, I came across this little doo-hickey just lying in the street like some scene out of West Side Story…

If you don’t recognize what my stellar blind eyes picked up, that would be a handle to a steak knife.  This neighborhood has gone to pot… street brawls with steak knives… don’t they know Ginsu knives are the way of the future!?!?  As for me… all I brought was a pack of Trident to a knife fight.  I’ll be able to cinnamon them to death.  Next woggercizing session, fellas… you, me, the wind named Mariah, and Juicy Fruit.

Sister Lindsay and family came up for the weekend.  Between conference sessions, we went for a lovely spring walk… some of us were overdressed…  a sweater, a winter coat, and gloves in 60-degree weather… shoulda put the ole hand out the window before picking outer wear.

**Coughcough… Alena… 20 doll-hairs if you can tell me where the above picture was taken!!  **Coughcough…

Here, Lindsay is insisting that Shayne get his picture taken in front of a post.

Merry Easter everyone, near, far, and kinda lost.  I hope it was spent with the people you love!



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7 responses to “Merry Easter…

  1. Louisa

    Happy Easter, Whitney!

  2. Dessa Wade

    Beautiful weekend!

  3. Avster

    Hope you had an awesome day, Whit!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend. Wish we were there.

  5. Alena

    Ah, springtime in good old cache valley 🙂 Looks like you had a lovely Easter! Well, I am going to have to wager that you’re on the track down past my mom’s place. I’d recognize those mountains anywhere 😉 But, I have to admit that the Stratford’s old house really threw me–it has undergone quite the transformation.

    • You aren’t kidding! I almost didn’t recognize it without the deck on the roof and the multitude of weirdly-placed windows! I hope whomever buys it is a good neighbor for your sweet Madre!

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