Don’t Rain On My Parade…

Back when I was full of vim and vigor and frankly a load of crap… when I was just a lass of about 11 or 12, I entered a contest that the Cache Valley Mall was putting on.  It was a Mother’s Day prize package wherein a comittee would pick the best essay about one’s own mother and the mother of that essay winner would get several prizes… flowers, a session in the photo studio, etc.  I entered… and for the life of me I can’t remember what I wrote that was so fascinating because it is lost for-e-v-e-r, but I ended up winning.  Allow me to show you one of the prizes my madre reaped…

STOP LAUGHING!!!  Them dresses are madre originals… sewn by hand… lace and everything.  No matter that I look like Laura Ingalls Wilder about to accept the wagon wheel award for best haystacking.  I’m also fascinated at the fact that all 3 of us have the same hair shape… kind of like a triangular frock of corn husks… or coneheads.  And the most pathetic part of this picture?  The glasses… they don’t have lenses in them.  When I arrived wearing my regular pair of glasses… a poor 11/12-year-old going on 45-year-old with a crick in my neck, the photographer said that they wouldn’t do.  My lenses were so big that the flash from the camera would make a glare on the picture… so instead of doing what any normal person would have done (aka take the glasses off and have the picture taken without them), we traipsed down the mall corridors to Baldwin Optical and found a similar pair of frames that I could borrow for said picture.  I’m wearing an ugly pair of glassless frames, lace-frocked, coneheaded, and frankly embarrassed to have won anything!  My mom hung the gigantic-sized version of this picture on our hall wall for many years… and then one day it up and suddenly disappeared.  I don’t have a clue who would do such a thing to such a masterpiece… coughcough.

Happy Mother’s Day to my momma… your gift from me (besides the other gifts I gave you) is the re-emergence of this heart-touching picture.  It’s like a gentle reminder that we were always nerds.


In even less interesting news, I walked in a parade this past Saturday in the wind and rain, uphill both ways with no socks or shoes with a too-small umbrella for my gigantic head.

Coughcough… April, I stole your picture… but look at me giving you credit.  I carried this banner in my left hand and the umbrella in my right hand, and by the time I got home 4 miles later, my arms were stuck in those same positions for the rest of the weekend!   Also, I resemble the BFG in this picture (oh you all have to remember the book The BFG… Big Friendly Giant!)  Deal with it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends out there in mother land.  I respect and admire your selfless, long-suffering, hard-working ways, and I know that you are all raising/have raised children to be proud of!   I hope your day yesterday was filled with relaxation and chocolate… and love from your families.



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12 responses to “Don’t Rain On My Parade…

  1. Louisa

    Awesome job winning an essay contest at such a young age.
    I remember a free sitting for the professional photographer was a coveted prize back in the day…
    I think it’s great you walked in the parade and displayed the banner for the upcoming play. You get extra points for doing it in the wind & rain.
    My daughter & I ran/walk a 5K in the drizzling rain once and if I hadn’t paid in advance to get the blasted t-shirt…I probably would have reconsidered doing it altogether. Ah well, we survived the cool temps and the damp shoes/socks for some good memories, a race day selfie together, and a 3rd place prize.

    Mother’s Day was nice. It wasn’t rushed or anything. We went to Sunday School & church, our new Pastor got installed and the ceremony was nice. They had a catered meal afterward for the new Pastor & Mother’s Day so we stayed for that instead of going to Red Lobster. Is it weird that we were the youngest ones there? Oh well – it was good company.
    My husband & kids are going to take me out to Red Lobster next weekend when it’s not so crazy. None of us wanted to wait 2 hrs to be seated.
    My 17 yr old daughter gave me one of her fantabulous manicures & pedicures with foot/leg massage. Love those!
    My 14 yr old son picked me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers ( pink & white peonies with lilac and bright yellow and dark purple iris ). He is so sweet.
    We also stopped at the local nursery to pick out some nursery stock for our front flowerbed that we are re-doing. My husband saw me ooo-ing & ahh-ing at a beautiful planter in an amazing two-tone dark blue color. He is planning to get 2 matching ones for me. They will be stunning and I can’t wait to plant them and have them spilling over with color.

    • What thoughtful gifts from your kiddos! It’s really true that we can buy all the crap in the world, but it’s the acts of service that get remembered the best! I hope you get to go to Red Lobster!

  2. Avster

    It doesn’t really seem to matter how far back photos of your mother go… she always looks the same. 🙂

    It took me a couple of moments to figure out why you were all holding umbrellas… “Why did they have to do that in the rain? hmm… Oh… duh…”

    Excuse me while I go outside to dig up some flowers in the rain…

    • LOL!! It was raining cow manure… as if I’m going to get pelted by that stuff! My mom will be flattered… except you need to hurry and tell her her hair doesn’t look like this anymore!

  3. I remember that picture. I didn’t realize it was part of a prize package. How funny you didn’t think to just take your glasses off. You made me laugh this morning!

  4. Nerd alert central! I used to love those rainbow clouds…… I just think what a weird background…how did we decide on that one? Crazy

  5. Dessa

    I took that picture to sharing time on mothers day to show my cute daughters and there was a lot of laughter, I couldn’t figure out why:) That was a very special time to remember.

  6. Alena

    I remember that picture hanging up in your house, but I never knew the awesome story behind it! That truly makes it priceless! Thanks for making me laugh out loud on a Monday morning!

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