Twice The Money For Half the Brains…

There really is no rest for we wicked folks… summer semester started last Monday only a week after spring semester ended… so I got approximately 5 minutes of free time to stare at all the paint drying I could please!  It was a glorious 5 minutes, though!  I read an actual real book… that did not have any high-faluting, boring textbook speak in it.  I almost forgot that my brain actually likes to work sometimes… on things that are pleasant.

As for summer semester’s classes… it’s another case of Whitney did not pay attention whilst signing up for said classes and made a mistake.  Classes in summer semester vary… you have your shorter variety, where-in they cram 15 weeks of work into a few weeks and you have your longer variety… the regular 14- or 15-week course, homework at a more normal level of insanity.  I was sure I needed to pick two 14-week courses on account of the fact that trying to cram in more than that makes me irritable and bursitis-y and in need of a good ole-fashioned time-out session.  Plus, full-time working at my day job and Mary Poppins is in 1 month and the rehearsals and shows will be taking up more and more of my time.

I signed up for my classes, bought my books and waited for the semester to begin.  Monday, I logged on to read the syllabi, and discovered I’d signed up for a class that was a 7-week course instead of a 14-week one.  Meaning, twice the amount of work in half the time.  I kid you not… it’s been one week since classes started and I’ve already muddled my way through 12 assignments plus reading in that one class alone!  Add in the reading and assignments from the other very needy course and I’m already counting down until birthday numero 90!

The final week for the shorter course falls on the same exact week the MP show is… same exact week of Whitney having a smorgasboard of stress eating!  😛  Sue me… garlic bread.  Now that I’ve yammered on incessantly about mysterious classes, I guess I ought to mention what they are… said no one who cares to know this information… not even my own mother.  The longer course is a psychology class, specifically about child maltreatment (sad stuff), except the teacher is a rambler.  She has 8000000000 documents I’m supposed to read about how the class works.  I have no clue what I’m doing after reading all of the documents because they were like 15 pages each of incessant yammerizing (we may be related)… and I fell asleep approximately 12 times whilst reading them.  Fingers crossed she accepts flying by the seat of one’s pants work.

The shorter course is a class for my English minor… a literature class dealing with farming and agriculture.  I KNOW!?!?!?  Even after my 12 assignments and reading this week, I’m not exactly sure how they’re going to cram in more farming literature information, but we shall see.  In the meantime, I best get started on my final cumulative 14-page paper since it’s due like tomorrow… give or take 6 more weeks.  FYI:  I’m going to need all the no-doze I can get off the black market.

PS- Happy Birthday to Padre this past Fridee.  I bought him an apron he can wear with pride… it says: It took me 64 years to look this good!  Oh yeah… you best believe I find the quality gifts!  😛

Oh Spring… I delightest in thy beauty… said Whitney Shakespeare on ding dongs.



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11 responses to “Twice The Money For Half the Brains…

  1. Avster

    You and your crazy love of school. Gets you in trouble every time. 😉

    Ick, have fun with all that extra reading… guess that’s what happens when one doesn’t do extra reading when signing up. :b

    • I think you misspelled that first word… love should have been toleration! Maybe you should read everything after I read it the first time, so you can correct my first draft.

  2. Dessa

    Just think, you only have 6 more week of that farming class instead of 13:) I know that probably doesn’t make you fell any better. You always come through with shining colors anyway!

  3. Beautiful pictures. That shortened class sounds hard. Psychology is hard no matter how you do it. I’m amazed you’re going to tackle so much at once. Great gift for Rex. Does that mean he’s going to start cooking?

  4. Alena

    Happy belated birthday Rex! Man, it sounds like a crazy summer! And a whole class on farming literature–Yee-haw!

  5. Amber

    I am totally out of the loop but I thought your major was english, if not what is your major?

    • Hi Amber! It used to be Technical Writing, which is in the English field, but I was bored with thinking of writing boring reports for a living, so I changed it to liberal arts with minors in English and sociology. I’m stuck in that major now since I’m getting down to the wire with finishing! I think it’s for people who can’t make up their minds!

      • Amber

        that is so exciting you are close to finishing, school is so hard while you are also working full time, that is amazing.

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