Y’all realize it’s almost August which is almost the start of fall?  Because I feel like I haven’t done anything summery all summer.  I’m missing out!  There have been no late night rendezvous with the mosquito tribes and no cricket listening sessions.  There have been no wilderness visits and no traipses amongst the wild flowers of my beloved Tony Grove.  There have been zero accidental sunburnings (by accidental I mean stupid-ental) and no muddy shoes to show I’ve traipsed through a corn field.  There have been no crick hopping sessions and no dam visits, dam visits, y’all!  Y’all… that’s a crime!  I also realize it’s like I done turned into cuzzin Betty Sue in this here post with all my y’alls and such, but it’s that serious, y’all!

Time is like a thief… by the time you wake up on Monday morning, it’s Friday and you’ve forgotten what you’ve done all dang week.  Just me?  Good to know… the men in white coats will have something to go on this time.  I figure I ought to turn the fact that I haven’t done anything summery all summer around, but it’s also like there is no time to do anything summery because it would require me to quit my job and school and move to a Yurt in the mountains next to Griselda the wicked witch and Bobby Joe the hermit, which I’m totally not against because I always say I’d make a great wicked witch/hermit.  Hansel and Gretel wouldn’t know what hit them!  I’d still require a shower and a grocery store… ain’t no way this hermit be killing her chitlins with her bare hands… so it’d be more like a pampered hermit.

As soon as this week is over… it’s on… summer… full dang force!  Bring it Bobby Joe and Griselda!

Question of the Day:  What summery things have you done so far?  

I call this next sequence of pictures:  The Joys Of Siblinghood…

My plan was to take a picture of Makayla’s farmer’s market because she charged me 500 bucks for ONE apple!  This picture was actually take 3… only because takes 1 and 2 turned out like this:

The surprise!

The annoyed sister face…

Brings me back to my young days.  Lindsay… remember all them times you sabotaged my farmer’s market!?  Good times… good times…



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14 responses to “Summer?

  1. Hey, mom used to call me Griselda from time to time.

    Can’t say I’ve done much for summery things… lots of gardening and that’s about it. I’m not too exciting.

  2. cl2

    I’ve done nothing summery. Probably won’t be either. Maybe in the fall.

  3. Louisa

    Here I thought our summer was going to be nice and quiet….NOT!
    School was out in early May but the kids still had to sing at graduation and go to all the end-of-school parties and birthdays that all happened the same week.
    Then I got my new Tahoe LTZ as an early birthday gift. Awesome!
    So we decided to take it on our 10day trip to TN for Lauren’s TeenPact Advanced Survival Camp and one of her best friends as well. What is one more, right!?
    So, we survived a 2wk vacation trip and the kids survived Survival Camp. My mother-in-law took care of our house, cats & kittens, and horses for us while we were away so we had no big issues and no car or travel problems.
    Thank you Lord!
    I did get a summer cold but recovered and we got homes for all the kittens and Lauren was busy with working at the pool. We got A LOT of rain. Before we knew it June was over.
    We signed up to host a boy ( Javier ) from Spain for July but got a call from the coordinator that he was sick & in the hospital and couldn’t make it….
    Then they said that they still had one boy ( Ignacio ) that hadn’t been placed yet ( less than 2 days before they had to be here ) and if we would take him instead. Sure – why not!? What is one more, right?!
    So, Ignacio has been keeping us busy. Bryce likes having a Spanish brother for the summer and is growing up a lot with this experience. ( you might remember we hosted a Spanish girl 2yrs ago for Lauren )
    We have taken them all ( plus Lauren’s best friend ) to Branson to see Jonah and ride the go-karts, St. Louis to the City, Museum, The Arch, a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, Six Flags, multiple pools & water parks, church, a fair, an ATV rodeo, horseback riding, bicycling, a sprint car race, we bought fireworks for the 4th and had a party here and we also went to a big 4th of July parade & fireworks display, a couple birthday parties, the MO State Capital, and the Lake of the Ozarks.
    Ignacio is in Chicago for the next 3 days with the ISE group. I would have liked for us to go too but we have spent enough money this summer already. Not to mention we all need the break and I have some housework to catch up on and I need to get some things scheduled and some calls made.
    July is almost over….

    • Wow… you have had quite the busy summer… and have done some fun things to boot, Louisa! Those are some experiences your kids will remember long after they’re grown.

  4. Dessa

    Say it ain’t so! It can’t be the end of July already. I haven’t done a dang thing either. Two concerts coming right up though!

  5. Alena

    Does sweating or shaving your legs count? 🙂 Seize the summer Whit! Bet your jealous of me going to the water park– hanging out in my swimsuit in water shared with a whole slew of other people. Alas, the things we do for those we love 😉 I can’t wait to hear about/see some pictures of your upcoming summerness.

    • Bwahahahaha… I’m only laughing at the part where you said I’d be jealous to bathe in a pool full of people. But I have to give you 800000 gold stars, my friend! You are rocking the conquering things this summer! You need to teach me how to do that when we get our porch rocking chairs out.

  6. Lindsay Howell

    No I don’t remember that Whitney…. Are you just trying to see if I read your blog? Lol. 😉 I feel like I have watched people do their summer since I cannot travel it’s just not summer! I have to say I have spent many early mornings and nights on a porch swing reading a book, I would call that a blessed summer morning and evening!

    • Pregnant brain? The farmer’s market was a metaphor. I’ll let you figure it out. That sounds like a good way to spend your mornings and evenings… and I hope you are reading some great stories to Whitney Jr.

  7. Love the pampered hermit idea. We’ve gone on some fun hikes and spent a lot of time outside swimming and at the park. I’ve even had a few sunburns on my shoulders. Hopefully you can squeeze in some activities before fall semester begins.

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