Connicky Babies…

That’s called a mish-mash title.  I mish-mashed my topics into one convenient made up phrase that’s actually a take on another real life phrase… and oh boy can you see my sides splitting!?!?!?  What’s that?  You’re absolutely right… I’ll never do that again.

This past Wednesday we ran up to Salt Lake City to Red Butte Gardens in order to glimpse us some Harry Connick, Jr. action!  Seeing as I’ve pretty much had a crush on him since I was 12 years old, it was well worth my tripping.   Oh, Harry Connick!!  I should probably note that more than the Harry Connick show was a real life family soap opera happening right in front of us.  I decided to call it As the Schmuck-Wads Turn and I’ll be selling it to whatever station wants to air it… probably whatever station airs the Kardashian shows… so that I won’t have to watch it… PASS!  So, Harry Connick was crooning away and I was watching some chic who looked like an older version of Miley Cyrus wash down 15 bottles of wine in a metal goblet and then get sloppy drunk and start bawling and arguing with her family members.  She was in her 30s with young kids and her older dad had to take her by the arm and escort her off the lawn.  She disappeared somewhere but other family members (it looked like a whole family reunion with siblings and their families) kept having counsels with each other about what to do about her wherever she was off crying.  I don’t know what happened at the end of the episode, but I’m pretty sure it probably included a bathroom stall and someone holding her hair back whilst she vomited.  OH THE SUSPENSE, KIMYE!!!

Back to the concert… couldn’t see the Harry-friend very well seeing as I was sitting so dagnabbed far away, but he was as funny as ever… kept commenting over and over on the sun radiation blinding him in a mountain setting and the fact that there was a rainbow mid-show… apparently they don’t get rainbows or mountains or sun radiation in New Orleans where he’s from.

The rainbow he was forever commenting on.  Fun fact… it rained pretty much all the way on the drive down to SLC and then it rained pretty much all the way home from SLC that night, but for the few hours of the concert, even with black storm clouds over head, it didn’t rain.  Lindsay’s hairdo thanks you!  😛

A clip of Harry singing It Had To Be You.

A clip of Harry singing The Way You Look Tonight.  


This past Saturday I held a baby shower for Lindsay’s relations and close friends/co-workers.  Well, me and Madre did.  Apparently planning a baby shower for a fashionista when you be from the back country ain’t easy.  I was all about the owly owl and polly pocket theme, but obvs that wasn’t going to cut it at a baby boy shower… the nerve!  Instead we settled on mustaches and arm pit hair… except without the arm pit hair because that’s just nasty.  Madre made her famous cinnamon rolls and lemon blueberry rolls and there was fruit and candy, so basically everyone should effectively have cavities and diabetes by Tuesday.  You are welcome.  I’ve always been a giver.

Thank you to all of the friends and relations who showed up on a busy holiday/summer weekend!  I know Lindsay appreciated y’alls kindness and thoughtful gifts and advice on account of the fact that when she babysat as a teenager, her method was to tell the kid to SHUT UP I’M WATCHING MY STORIES!!!!!  Good thing for maturation, right!?  She’ll be an excellent mother… already is an excellent step-mom so she’s had practice!

The cavity-inducing spread!

I individually cut out and hand wrapped all of these because I’m a factory worker now.  It was fun for an hour.

The big brothers of the new baby… they’re wearing wrapping paper bows… they have so much to teach their new lil’ bro about fashion.  Move over Lindsay!

I really don’t have permission to post all of the individual people pictures I took, and if I did I’d be sure to get carried away and post them all… so I’ll stop here!  Showering babies is a good thing… before and after they’re born.



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9 responses to “Connicky Babies…

  1. Very fun Harry Connick and an even funner (is that a word) baby shower! Thanks mom and Whit! Lots of time went into this and I appreciate it all! Love you guys!

  2. Dessa

    We had a whilrlwind weekend but every last minute of it was so fun. Love summers here along the Wasatch front. We’ll have a new baby before you know it!

  3. Now I’m hungry, Whit… like, really hungry for things I don’t need to be eating… like cinnamon rolls… except I odn’t have a cinnamon roll… ~sobs~

  4. Alena

    I love this post! Thanks for making me laugh out loud on a Monday morning–not an easy task 🙂 What a darling baby shower! You’re amazing! And I happen to know you throw the best baby showers 😉 And I’m totally jealous of the Harry Connick Jr concert (not so much of the family saga).

    • Oh boy… I can’t believe yours was over 11 years ago! I can’t remember what we did or what we ate at it, but I’m sure it was really lame! I was awesome at lame back in them days!

  5. That concert sounded like so much fun. How lucky the rain stopped. And the shower decorations and goodies were adorable and very much appropriate for a fashionista Lindsay.

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