Criminal Trespassing…

There are a lot of things I could blog about this past week.  Activities galore happened up in this joint.  There was the fundraising comedy night for a sweet little girl with cancer where my friend and I got heckled by the comedian for sitting in the wrong place.  I’ve never been heckled by a comedian before… twas tres hee-larious!  I probably would have been uncessarily totally mortified as a teenager, but it’s funny how maturity totally makes you not even care.

There was choir practice for our upcoming big concert with Alex Sharpe (from Celtic Women fame) wherein I sat for 10 minutes while the orchestra played “Feed the Birds” wondering where I’d heard the song before!?  Oh my Alzheimer’s disease, Gertle!

There was my madre’s birthday shindig where I touched actual raw chicken, gloveless, like a boss whilst making dinner.  I still shiver to think about it… dead poultry in my hands!!!  After which I washed them for 30 minutes straight in scalding water.  Et tu, Chicken!?

Thank you for madre’s birthday brownies sweet Tara and family!  We had double dessert with my grilled pound cake with ice cream and raspberry sauce.  Happy Birthday to my favorite Madre!!  She who taught me everything I know and everything I think I know but really don’t!  I hope this year brings you many more fond and happy memories!

There was the annual sleepover extravaganza 2015 with Makayla and Corbin wherein we criminally trespassed onto a miniature golf course and then waded waste deep in deer, bird, and bug sewage in the backyard canal.  Oh summer…   Back to the criminal trespassing.  It’s a tradition that we go to my favorite old (and I mean OLD) miniature golf course.  A place I’ve been going since I was a kid.  It used to be kept up and had all sorts of fun elements.  As the years went on, it got more and more rundown and less and less kept up.  Last year when we went, it was still open, but it was self-serve and pretty crapified looking.  This year when we arrived, the gate was all locked up and everything was in shambles.  It looked like post nuclear bomb crap in that joint.  We were a little disappointed, until I found an opening in the fence next to a live wasp nest where all I had to do was remove the chain that was wrapped around holding the fence together and we were in!  Voila!  Try to keep me out… I graduated from the school of breaking and entering… and there wasn’t even any chocolate to get to on the other side!

This picture was last August 2014’s sleepover extravaganza.  At least they had a totem pole then… and golf balls.

This year, 2015 there was this:

Nasa’s missing a rocket.  Also, they only had one golf ball… ONE… and so Makayla had to golf with a crab apple.  I’m telling you… I bring the ghet to the word Ghetto!  We went to the Minions movie instead… a foreign film without subtitles!  😛  You’ll only get that if you’ve seen the movie.   The night also included our traditional jaunt to McDonald’s, Ryan’s Place Park, and Island Market!

The next morning, they were supposed to go fishing at the fish farm, but when they arrived there it was closed until noon, so instead they came home and waded through the backyard canal full of all sorts of pleasant dirt and animal waste.  To get into the canal, we had to go down by the bridge where it was a bit shallower.  The bridge is on the road, and after half an hour of supervising the wading activity standing in the hot sun, I opted to bring out my camp chair.  It must have been quite the sight for the passersby to see some large chic sitting in the hot sun by the road in a camp chair staring at the canal like a psycho patient.  They couldn’t see the kids in the water from their vantage point… just me and my chair.  That’s how we country-fried folks roll, yo!

All in all, we didn’t get arrested and my pride is still intact despite looking like an idiot 12 times in a row.  It’s a gift.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t send out love and hugs today to my sweet Berger family as today is the 1-year anniversary of sweet Spencer’s passing.  I’m thinking of you all today.  Sure do love you guys.



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4 responses to “Criminal Trespassing…

  1. Louisa

    Looks like you all had a good time.

  2. You had a very busy week and it was fun to hear about it. Thanks for remembering Spencer.

  3. Dessa Wade

    Very fun weekend.

  4. Sounds like a fun filled weekend

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