Deer Kralling…

Stop it with the lame titles, Whit-Bot… just STAHP!  Meanwhile, back on the lame farm… summer week 1200 ended with a jaunt up to Deer Valley/Park City because for Madre’s birthday I bought her a ticket to see Diana Krall play with the Utah Symphony.  Those who don’t know who the helium balloon Diana Krall is, get with the times!  She’s a jazz pianist/vocalist and I used to worship the songs she walked on because she has this deep/low range, which meant that I could totally reach the notes whilst singing her karaoke songs without having to transpose them down 12 keys.   “Peel Me A Grape” and “Frim Fram Sauce” anyone?  I rest my case.  Although, I was not happy that they chose not to do those songs at the concert.  I digress.

The thing about Deer Valley is that it’s first come, first serve, so if you don’t get in line the night before you might as well realize you’re going to be hiking to the top of the dagnabbed ski hill.  I couldn’t see her… period, end of story… but that was okay because my hearing is clogged from sticking transcription headphones in my ears every day… besides that fact I was too busy experiencing altitude sickness to care.  😛  That’s not true… the sickness part or the clogged ears part… but the altitude thing is real, folks!   By the by… the dude she had playing the violin for her was mad talent at scatting.  We left half of our dinner in the trunk of the car, but hell if we were going to hike back down to Logan to get it… I’d rather starve than hike back up the ski hill again… and let’s face it… look at me… I got a good 45 years before I’d be able to starve to death.

The older lady who was sitting in front of us with her husband and another couple had like a Mary Poppins magic bag of goodies… she kept pulling out food like she worked for Chuck-up-A-Rama on the weekends.  They had salad and sandwiches and 14 kinds of chips and cookies and cake and trail mix and wine (oh, there was wine), and pretty sure she pulled out a lasagna and half a pig she pit-roasted the night before.  We sat their drooling whilst our food was in the car.  I did hike down the hill and back up it to buy me a lemonade, but I didn’t realize they ruined it be putting mint in it until I got back to the top.  It tasted like I was at a hemp herbal yoga class.  Oh to be classy!

The next day we hung out in Park City pretending we were all coordinated enough to be bikers and hikers in the altitude.  Instead we sat in a park and watched the puffy clouds next to an old mining hospital built in 1904.

Didn’t see any ghosts of miners… but I did keep the peepers open just in case.  Instead some chics wearing sashes and crowns came over and asked us to take their pictures in several different poses and then an older lady carrying a knitting bag and a lawn chair sauntered over and asked me where the concert that started at 1:30 was.  Considering it was 1:29 and the only people in the park were the sash/crown ladies and us, I’m pretty sure she had the wrong location.  She decided to sit down and wait for the concert to start anyway.  Someone forgot to tell me to prepare some numbers… I have a feeling she was tres disappointed when she finally left the park that night… but on the bright side, maybe she finished her king-sized afghan.

On the way home, we had to stop off at the newest Trader Joe’s where I bought pickle-flavored popcorn… PICKLES!  And then I had to go out of the way to hit up a place called Mem’s Fruit Truck.  It’s totally on the wrong side of town, North Salt Lake business district, but holy worth it!  It’s a bag of freshest of the fresh fruit with lime juice and a chili flavoring.  Chili spice on fruit!?!?  Totally weird… but it was holy night dee-vine!  It just brought out the flavor of the fruit.  Now, how do I get them to move up this way so I can buy one every day?

Cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, mangoes, cucumbers (I know), jicama, and coconut!   Run, do not walk to Mem’s on Redwood Road!  WERTH IT!

In other news, does anyone want to follow me around with a frim frammed baseball bat and whap me upside the head every time I decide to eat my anxiety and feelings away?  I’m feeling kind of stuck and out of control and annoyed and overall frustrated with myself.  This too shall pass… as they say… but in the meantime, I’m going to need to buy a strait jacket.

What did you all do this weekend?  Happy back to school week for a lot of you mothers out there!  😛



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9 responses to “Deer Kralling…

  1. Louisa

    Sounds like you had quite a time of it. Great job trying something new! The lemonade and the fruit …very different!
    This weekend was one of those work hard, then play hard kind of times.
    Lauren had to work. Friday & Saturday and give a speech that night but we still managed to squeeze in some riding time. The horses needed the attention too🐴.
    My husband & son mowed all their yards both days too so they could go 4-wheeling Sunday.
    I needed some lifeguard pics for the yearbook we are doing, and the outdoor pools are closing up since school is back in session here. I got access to one though for our pics. Yay! Totally worth it…the pics turned out awesome!
    Today, is my husband’s 1rst day at his new job!
    Please send up prayers for his success with it.

  2. No music footage from concert? I was so looking forward to it!

  3. Dessa

    That was a very flattering picture of me now wasn’t it?!?! Park City was splendid and the fruit delicious! Thanks Whit for the Diana Krall ticket.

  4. I likey the photos, Whit. The old hospital looks pretty cool.

    Most days lately I’m in a baseball swinging bat mood… so you might not really want me to take you up on that offer. 😉

  5. Alena

    Sounds wonderful!

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