BoBo In Da’ House…

There are a lot of things I could blog about this night.  A lot has gone on the last 2 weeks whilst I slacked on blogging… no worries, blogging isn’t the only thing I slacked on.  Common sense went by the wayside as well… you’re welcome thin vanilla Oreos.  I’ll just start with this and see where it takes me in this clouded balloon brain I have attached to my shoulders.  My new nephew was born this past Tuesdee, August 25, 2015… and if he weren’t the cutest little pookle you ever did see said everyone who has ever been related to a newborn baby… translation… EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!  Some of those people may be lying, but I’m totally telling the truth… I’ve even foregone my favorite practice of extreme exaggeration for this very occasion.  His name?  Bourne Lucky Howell (I ain’t jokin’ neither).  The name will have to grow on me, but the little dude has already eeked his way into these family members’ sometimes Grinch-sized hearts.

I finally got the opportunity to go down and see him yesterday… and you best believe that 90-minute trip was for the record books since it was 100 degrees that day and my car has yet to blow any appropriately cooled air conditioning:  Translation… it’s totally broke!  So, here’s Whitney jetting down the freeway with all the winders rolled down in a rusty Beulah the Buick singing out-of-tune showtunes at the top of her lungs because she couldn’t hear the radio over the noise of the wind blowing through the open windows.  A gal has to have some sort of entertainment… and I really enjoy angering my fellow road drivers.  Road rage is real, y’all!

Here’s BoBo with the owlie owl I made and brought for him.  It’s not a modern fabric, so I’m not sure how long it will last in the land of Lindsay chique, but I’m trying to put in some subliminal owly owl  messages wherever I can.

This is BoBo and I sharing secrets… obviously he didn’t participate very well… there’s no excuse for bad manners!

I’ve decided Auntie Whitty Woo needs a nickname for Bourne.  Obviously, I’ve started calling him BoBo, but the possibilities are endless.

B-How (ala J-Lo)
Matt Damon (Hear me out… the dude from the Bourne Identity movies… obviously!)
Luck Be A Binky Tonight

Y’all need to vote… Pick the Nickname!  Lindsay may get 2 votes, but I have faith that enough of you will vote your one vote to overrule her!

BoBo has even already learned how to give me the side eye… will you please stop that infernal baby talking!  Welcome to the world, BoHow!  Congratulations, Lindsay, Shayne, Christian, and Ethan on the new addition to your tribe of crazy… but crazy in a good way!


We also held Corbin’s 8th family birthday shindig tonight!  The Lord has certainly blessed me with many talents and gifts… one of which is NOT cake decoration.

Case in point… Firstly, you need steady hands… I have Grandma Berger tremor hands.  Secondly… it looks like they hired that one drunk dude to make the uneven lines on the football field… all in all it was a fun, albeit hilarious kindergarten school project for this chic!  Happy Birf-day Buddy!

Speaking of school… fall semester starts tomorrow.  Anxiety has been my unwelcome friend the last few weeks as I have to go to the 3rd semester of Spanish class 3 days a week in the morning up on campus.  Y’all best pray the senior citizen of the class brings her brain.



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15 responses to “BoBo In Da’ House…

  1. lindsay

    Loved this entry, yes it looks like cake decorating isn’t in your immediate future of wealth building but is not in mine either! I guess it runs in the family

  2. I missed your post last week. I vote for none of those nicknames. But I still think the cake is cute. Sounds like another difficult semester this fall.

  3. cl2

    I vote Bourneo. Love those Bourne movies. They were some of my dad’s favorites. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! Good luck with school, too. I think the cake looks GREAT. Better than I could ever do.

  4. Louisa

    Cute Cute Cute!!!
    I am on cute – overload…lol
    Congratulations to Bo’s momma & daddy.
    Happy belated 8th birthday to Corbin too.
    He looks like he loved the cake – score one for the Whit!
    I vote for Bo as baby Bourne’s nickname.
    But I seriously think we need to start calling you WhittyWoo….LOL

  5. Bourneo… all the way…

    As for the cake, it looks way better than anything I could do. Cake and cookie decoration are not skills I possess nor skills I really wish to work on… too much work for something that’s just going to be eating! I will, however, admire the effort and time others put into it.

    As for hot weather… come visit me! It’s been in the seventies for the last two and a half weeks, which is awesome when one is quite pregnant. :b

  6. Alena

    OK, I’ve seen a lot of newborns in my day and Bourne is truly gorgeous! What fabulous pictures! And what an amazing family to be born into! His middle name is very apt 🙂 I love the cake and I am sure it was happily eaten as well. Buena suerte Amiga! I know you’ll do great with the new semester 😉

  7. Dessa

    His nickname is Lucky Whitney! Of course he’s gorgeous!!!!

  8. Amber

    I am so excited for all of you, Bourne is beautiful and I am not sure there has ever been a baby as loved as this child is and will be, what a blessed baby! I love his name, I am sure he will grow up to be a cute and confident as his name.

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