A Trip Down Bloggory Lane…

So, I have succeeded in procrasternating my homework assignments for this week and so instead of thinking of some not-so-witty new material, I says to myself… “Self… why don’t you re-bloggerversary the post about your parent’s anniversary!”  The brilliance just oozes out of my nose blackheads… TMI, I realize.  Since my parents just had their 40th… count them… 40TH wedding anniversary this past Saturday, September 19th, I think it is appropriate.  So, without further adieu, I present Whitney from back in 2012… and pictures with a lot of ruffles, ringlets, flounces, and lamb chops… THE HUMANITY!  Take it away 2012 Whitney:


Back in 1883… after the wedding ceremony of my parents.  Bwahahahahahaha… I slay myself!  Okay, maybe add a few years to that guesstimate.  My folks celebrated their 119th minus approximately 81 wedding anniversary this past Wednesday… and since I’m such a pain in the butt and yet very thoughtful daughter, I thought I’d walk y’all through a few of their engagement/wedding photos.  Get out your sunglasses.  I warned you!

This here would be a really bad quality engagement picture.  Back in them days they didn’t have no fangled dangled cameras.  A line of monkeys sat out in front of them and drew this here picture with crayons.  Do not adjust your screens.  That is an orange dress.  I hear it was this exact dress that was the inspiration for the prison orange jumpsuit.  That’s the truth!  Also, I guess my dad may or may not have been hungry for lamb chops on account of he just decided to grow them on his face.  Dark glasses and ringlets were big in them days too.

You can’t see them in this picture… the angle is bad… but there were EMTs standing in the rafters just in case the men got choked to death by them there ruffled shirt and bow tie combination.  That’s my gramps Bill, grams Ella, grams Adeline, and step-gramps Bill.  You wouldn’t know it to look at them but they were wondering where the nearest feeeeesshhh plates were.

In case you were wondering, I was not invited to the reception!  THE NERVE!!

I only recognize the one bridesmaid… wut up, Aunt D!?  The rest were hired from Craig’s List… which since they didn’t have computers back then was actually just a dude named Craig who lived in a house and had a list.  You’d go ring his doorbell.  Flouncy hats were apparently in fashion as well.  I seem to remember seeing a plant pot that looked like one of those flouncy hats when I was a youngster.  Who’s missing their flouncy hat?

Happy Anniversary, Madre and Padre!  I spent a lot of time wishing I was never born throughout my life… the faux-tragic-teenager years and the depressed hippo 500+-pound years, but I can honestly say that I’m glad to be alive today.  What a difference a few attitude adjustments make!

Question of the Day:  If you’re married, how long have you been married?  What were your wedding colors?  



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8 responses to “A Trip Down Bloggory Lane…

  1. hee Aren’t you glad you got to wear some pretty normal clothes for my wedding? 😉

    I’ve been married about a year and a quarter. Wedding colors would be lavender and yellow… and some very awesome singing by the Whitters.

  2. Dessa

    That was quite a trip down memory lane. This is really bad but I can’t remember who the 4th bridesmaid is. Help me Deanna! Thanks Whit

  3. Alena

    Well, I’ve been married 13 years now, didn’t have “colors”, but I did have one dynamite singer (which I’m pretty sure makes up for not having colors). Happy 40th anniversary Rex and Dessa! I love you guys! And I love the pictures–so fun!

  4. Very sweet tribute ! Happy 40th mom and dad! I have been married almost 10 years and didn’t have colors…..

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