Jedi Training…

Gag… I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what the cream puff a Jedi is, nor for the life of me do I care.  Sorry, Comic-Con fanatics… I’m totally still a member of your nerd tribe, but my nerdery goes in a totally different direction.  In my over-chocolatized mind, Star Wars are simply wars between the Kardashians and the “Insert other famous Hollywood family with no talents here.”  But this post isn’t really about Star Wars or nerds or Comic-Con or heaven forbid the Kardashians!  No!  It’s about the molecular structure of atoms in the form of three of my favorite little dudes!  JenJen and her 2 boys happened to be up visiting her family in Idaho and on the way back to the airport, they stopped in for a little visit!  Cruz and Blaize are growing up… despite my pleadings for them to stop it right now… no one listens to Auntie Whitty Woo Woo.  BoBo is totally going to listen, though… because I plan to stunt his growth by making sure no asparagus ever gets near him… you are welcome!

While they were here there were games and activities of all sorts… my favorite game was the one where we beat up a pinata.  My least favorite game was the one where we jumped on top of Whitty Woo Woo’s head 13 times in a row… because ouch.  I figured all of the activities were basically just training for when they all grow up to be Jedis (if they have to grow up… lay off the asparagus!!)… as is evidenced by the following video.  CAUTION:  If you dislike cuteness, mini light sabers, more cuteness, and basic cuteness, I’d recommend you not watch the following video… and I mean it!

That’s BoBo practicing his Jedi skillz on cuzzin Cruzer… I guess Shayne is his Jedi master.  Also, it becomes a lot more cute if you ignore that incessantly annoying laughing in the background.  I have no idea who that chic is but I’m pretty sure she has no idea what a Jedi is!

Say CHEEZ!!!!

I call this picture the joys of being a baby brother.  Cruz was wrastling that pinata something fierce and Blaize’s tag team resulted only in a bull leg to the jaw.  Isn’t Jenner Pie a cute pregnant woman?  Jen, you don’t have to give me any money for saying that this time because it’s true!

Baby BoBo took this opportunity to ponder these things in his heart… it’s the thinking baby pose!

Cruzer is going to be a baseball player!  He hit that thing like a boss… and now he enjoys the loot!

Just hanging out!

‘Twas a quick, but fun trip!  Great job Jedis in training.  Maybe one of these days Auntie Whitty Woo Woo will learn what one of those things is and then… nahhhh… nevermind.  Ignorance is totally bliss!



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10 responses to “Jedi Training…

  1. Louisa

    Very cute pics and video.
    Never seen such a tee-tiny ligh saber!
    Everyone looks like they are doing well.
    Happy visits make good memories.
    Love the pic of WhittyWoo getting a baby lovin!!

  2. Dessa

    Love all three of those cute little boys! Fun time while Jennifer was here.

  3. The boys saying Cheese is so cute and funny. We sure miss you guys and had so much fun.

  4. Alena

    So adorable! I’m totally in love with your Jedi in training! Or padawan-in-diapers as we call them here. If you ever need help figuring out the intricacies of star wars, I have a few experts living with me–you can totes pick their brains 😉 Jen and her boys are adorable too! I’m glad y’all got to spend some time together!

    • What is this padawan person… is this a new person I have to learn!?!? Well, I might just have to come out to your house for a week and your kids can school me in all things Star Wars… I might only remember it for about 2 minutes, but it’s the thought that counts.

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