Rainy Days And Mondays…

… always get me down. Fifty points to whomever can tell me who sings that song!  Think velvet… because just think it.  Rainy days don’t usually get me down unless I have plans to be outside doing something.  I love a good day full of dark cloud play.  There’s just something mysterious and beautiful about an angry sky.  Mondays on the other hand… let’s talk, Monday… stop sucking!  For grieveness sakes…

To add to the rainy day beautifulness, it was also LDS General Conference weekend.  I always enjoy General Conference weekend… even if I did also have to work this weekend.  It is nice to try to settle my ADD brain down and listen to the spiritual messages wearing non-itchy comfy clothing… although this year also freezing my patookus off because some people like having all the windows and doors open… not naming names.  There were some great messages and even a display of pure strength and perserverance by our sweet, hard-working prophet, President Monson.

My motivation was down in the gutter, though.  I had made plans to make homemade applesauce in the crockpot using the 8 billion apples I’ve purchased over the last few weeks (totally addicted to crunchety apples, y’all).  I found me a recipe but then stared at the 9 billion apples (yes, another billion appeared while I was staring) like they were some sort of deadly fungus I shouldn’t touch.  AKA… I couldn’t see myself peeling and coring and cutting 10 billion apples!  So, the 11 billion apples still sit on the counter and here I am, Whitney Of the Lazy Bottom Brigade, blogging about not peeling them.  Also, it takes 800 years to pull out the crockpot from underneath the 12 billion pots and pans on top of it.  It’s just way too much time to be away from a chair.  Maybe I’ll wait until the apples are all black and blue and mushy and moldy and then I can just throw them all in a big bowl and mash them with a tater masher.  Ta Da… crapplesauce!  Does anyone have any magical applesauce-making fairies they’d be willing to borrow me?  I pay horribly, but there will be jokes.

Madre and I stopped into the brand new Logan location of Tai Pan Trading… which compared to the version down south is SMALL!!!!!

And horror of horrors, there were displays like this already:

Santa, take Rudolph back to the North Pole until after Thanksgiving… stat!

There was a visit by Bat Ninja and Bobble Gal…

That’s the face of a Bat Ninja!  Beware thy candy!  Bobble gal is so-named because we made the necklace to match the bracelet.  All in all twas a good weekend… even if my 13 billion apples still remain untouched.  Bring a baseball bat, applesauce-making fairies… Whitney needs a swift tap upside the motivation bone.

BoBo picture of the week… I can relate BoBo… Auntie Whitty Woo can totally relate!

Pretty sure he’s saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten that whole bag of peanut butter M&Ms… what is this belly?!?”

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything festive?

PPS –  Happiest of happy birfdays to my sweet pal, Alena this week!!  I can’t believe you are already 25!  My how time flies.  WinkWinkNudgeNudge



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8 responses to “Rainy Days And Mondays…

  1. Louisa

    Get on those apples, WhittyWoo!
    Imagine how wonderful the homemade applesauce will be once it is done cooking and making the whole house smell yummilicious!
    I would be all over those apples…lol.

    This week has been pretty crazy.
    I feel like I have been on the hamster wheel from hell.
    My 17 yr old had her senior portraits taken and her car was in the shop so I had to drive her to all those things she usually drives herself to…(to andfrom voice lessons, to and from work, to and from class, guitar, choir…etc ).
    Makes you appreciate her driving herself…lol. I did enjoy the talks though.
    Saturday, she had her SAT and the nearest testing site is an hour from us. (yeh)
    On the way home from the SAT we had to stop into a dress swap event to see if any of her dresses were moving. Then we had to stop to pick up her senior portrait book of proofs to go over and decided what we want to order. Talk about a really hard decision!! There are 111 pics in the proof book and they are all terrific!
    We were pretty wiped out but we still had to pick up the house and I had to make a big pot of chili and a double batch of snickerdoodle cookies.
    We were trying to get ready for the family reunion after church the next day and the kids having friends out to ride horses and 4wheelers after that.
    My son made a fire-pit out of some leftover landscaping blocks and it turned out amazing. Love it! I got the stuff to make s’mores and rootbeer floats to go with the chili and garlic bread.
    That was my 17yr olds last FUN DAY for awhile….she gets her wisdom teeth out this morning.
    Please keep her oral surgery, recovery, and healing in your prayers.

    • It sounds like you had a super busy, but fun weekend, Louisa! I’m glad you had 111 pics that were good to pick from! I remember my senior pictures I couldn’t find one I liked. Boo on the wisdom tooth removal! I hated having mine done… thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.

  2. Leave the peels on, Whit! When I make applesauce I just use the hand whole apple slicer and through the whole apple in, peel and core. After they’ve cooked a while I take a potato masher and mash them and then I let them cook some more. Then I take an immersion blender and use that to get the aplplesauce looking like applesauce. It has a bit of trouble grinding up all the seeds so you will want to use a fine strainer to strain it… or just don’t put the ccore in.

    I’d tell you about my weekend, but I have jjust one hand for typing at the moment.

    • Immersion blender is on my list of need to buys… thanks for the tips, Avsteronio and cheese… but also, why the one hand issue… are you telling me that MerMer is not spoon-feeding herself yet!?!? The nerve!

  3. Dessa

    Our little Bourne doesn’t eat M&M’s:) But he sure is cute! Wonderful conference weekend!

  4. Alena

    Fantastic pictures! I love the stormy skies! And Bourne is just so stinking adorable! And now I am totally craving PB M&Ms. Thanks a lot! 😉 That is great that Logan got a Tai Pan (not that I’ve ever been in one, but I’ve heard it’s a fun store!) I really enjoyed general conference, and by that I mean I really enjoyed the parts when I wasn’t changing poopy diapers, dealing with fighting kids, or sleeping. Reading the talks after the fact is usually much more beneficial for me, not that I don’t try. I will say general conference is the weekend us introverts can really look forward to–I could totally do TV church. Thanks for the birfday wishes! 🙂

    • Oh the joys of the never-ending selfless mother! I’m going to petition that the Monday and Tuesday after conference weekend is Mother’s Conference Week, wherein you send all of the kids to the church for 2 days and people watch them while you lounge around in your comfy clothes and watch you some conference! It should totally be a thing!

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