Blessings and Bothers…

A lot of things went down this week.  Too many to keep track of in the miniscule part of my brain that retains memory.  And by too many, I really only mean like 3 or 4 things worth noting.  There were 12 billion things not worth noting, but I didn’t note them, so you can all thank me later.  I went to a crafty Holiday Happenings night on Wednesday wherein I learnt me how to make a crafty pumpkin out of dental floss and a 2×4, give or take a few more or less ingredients.  Move over, MacGyver!  I also lost a sewing needle way down deep inside the crafty pumpkin, so kids… do not attempt to eat Whitty Woo’s crafty pumpkin.  I hold no responsibility when a needle gets lodged in your throat.  Whitty Woo’s don’t let the children eat crafty pumpkins.

I went to a hoedown shindig put on by the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra with special guests, Cold Creek Bluegrass Band.  I sat by a lady who wore too much perfume and enjoyed chatting and asking me questions like… Is that instrument a guitar?  What’s that other instrument ?  Oh, you mean the other guitar?  So, basically it was a learning experience for all of us.  They put on a good show, though.  It was in the style of an old timey country radio show with some wickedly delightfully cringeworthy dad jokes… example:  Name that sound… a loud fart… Momma is that you?   You all should remember how much I enjoy that potty humor!!!!  Insert sarcasm here… but the other jokes that did not include the potty humor were delightfully cringeworthy!  The singing and banjo/fiddle picking were great as well.

There was also my favorite BoBo’s baby blessing on Sunday.  Lindsay and Shayne had us all come over to their house after for bread bowls with 4 kinds of soup and a dessert-a-ganza.  I made a pot of chili for the festivities and worried the rest of the day about my beans getting mushy in the crockpot.  No one likes mushy beans, y’all!  NO ONE!   BoBo was a trooper and didn’t even cry once… even when 10 guys were bouncing him in a circle.

This was the blessing outfit Lindsay picked out for the occasion.  Shayne, Christian, and Ethan all gave it a gigantic thumbs down saying it made him look like a sheep.  I thought of this really great dad joke for the occasion that was met with crickets.  You should stick a note on his rear for when people leave… Thank Ewe For Coming!  Bwahahahahahahaha… Oh my laws… ** Crickets **  

My humor is obviously way too high brow for most people.

BoBo just loved him’s new sheepy outfit!


That last photo is courtesy of E when the 3 bros were hanging out together at church!  Thank EWE for coming family!


In bothering news… I had a less than stellar doctor’s visit and results this past week.  Less than dang stellar.  I’m disappointed in myself and a little bit annoyed… but, I can’t sit around dwelling on my annoyedness, I have to move forward.  This blog may look a bit different in the coming days/weeks.  I’m going to have to start getting back into a better plan for my health… it’s crucial that I do.  There are no more excuses.  No more tomorrow I’ll starts… it’s today… it’s RIGHT NOW!  If anyone wants to hop on board with me, you are welcome.  The more the merrier.




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4 responses to “Blessings and Bothers…

  1. Lindsay

    Beautiful post, I never tire seeing pictures of my Lil dude! Thanks for making the mushy bean chili it was a hit!!! Can’t wait to see where this blog goes, you have my support!

  2. Dessa

    We’re all behind you Whit! You’ve done it before and you can do it again!
    Really special day yesterday for Bourne Lucky Howell. But we are the lucky ones!

  3. Bourne has changed so much. Even cuter! What a great weekend! Hopefully you can resolve your health issues too.

  4. Alena

    Oh my goodness!! I just love the pictures!!! Bourne is so, so adorable! Sorry about the downer doctor visit 😦 I need to get on board with you, so bring on the motivation, sista!

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