Uh… I’m Here…

Not gonna lie… didn’t really want to write up a post tonight.  I’m cranky and I’m tired and I made some statements in last week’s post that I’m not prepared to set in place at this exact moment on the spinning globe.  But, one way to get over cranky block is to just type nonsensically until you’ve spewed forth all of your crankiness.  I just made that up, but it sounds very official, don’t it?

We ventured up to ole Burley, Idee-ho yesterday for a get together with long lost Alaskan cuzzins, Carl, Julie, and their son Bradley who all came down to visit.  Cuzzins Jeannie and Marc were nice enough to have all of us hooligans invade their living space and wreak havoc amongst the furnishings.  Carl had threatened to bring one of his freshly slaughtered caribou heads to boil for a soup, but heavenly angels prevented there from being room in his suitcase!  See… someone is watching out for me!  Such a shame… I was really looking forward to dry heaving from the smell of it all.  Next time, cuzzin Carl… next time.

There were only a handful of cuzzins and such that joined the par-tay… but they were the fun ones (winkwinknudgenudge… they made me say that).  I made my presence known when I arrived… because like this body don’t stand out enough as it is.  As soon as they opened the door to let us in, I managed to drop an entire pint-sized container of Frederico’s ranch dressing on the ground… 2 inches from the inside of the door and the carpet (THANK ALL THAT BE HOLY!!!)  Oh Klutz-itney must be here!  They all said with a knowing glance.  I then made the host clean it up… made isn’t the proper word because he insisted he’d just hose it off when I arrived armed with a paper plate and one paper towel.  Apparently I was just going to scoot it along the drive 7 feet to the gutter.  That’s right… I leave a trail of the awesome stuff wherever I go!   The real tragedy is that no one thought to come out armed with a bag of carrot sticks to sit on the ground and eat the dressing!  Frederico’s ranch ain’t nothing to be ashamed of, y’all!

Madre and cuzzin Jacque.  Jacque just had a LASIK-like surgery on her eyes the day before and was sworn off from wearing makeup for a month.  She’s one of those annoying people who look good without makeup.

Mary Jean, Julie, Bradley, Jeannie, and Carl sans caribou heads!

Jacque and her Daughters of Utah Pioneers glasses… Merle… get me the ranch dip mix!

I hate this picture of me… but I’m posting it anyway… look at Cuzzins Carl and Bradley instead!

Cuzzins Bill and Sandy and Bill’s son, Tommy.

Cuzzin Garth and Padre.

Uncle Gene and Mary Jean.

Thanks for coming, Carl, Julie, and Bradley and for not bringing the caribou head, but most importantly, thank you Jeannie and Marc for allowing me to ranch dressing-inize your driveway.  I do it better than the best of them!


These cutie patootie sweethearts gave me a surprise birthday balloon and decorations at Sundee dinner tonight.  And the googly-eyed cow is almost the spitting image of me, so it was totally appropriate!

And I didn’t even have any ranch to spill!  Let’s not forget the awesome beach/ocean cake, which as soon as I walked in Makayla told me was a secret and then 5 minutes later she couldn’t hold it in any longer and the secrets were all spilled!  That’s my kind of secret!

Already spoiled and still the same age for a few more days!  Thank you, Ryan, Angie, Makayla, and Corbin for thinking of me and making me smile!



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16 responses to “Uh… I’m Here…

  1. Deanna

    Happy birthday Whitney. I love the smiles on the kids. I could tell they were excited about the balloons and are. And they just lie you guys!!!

  2. cl2

    I’ll say Happy Birthday, too! I’m sure fb will let me know the exact date. I’m glad you got away for the weekend and no caribou heads! So I take it that Fredrico’s ranch dressing is good? Never tried it. I need to go get me a ham and cheese salad! What I always liked at Fredrico’s is they have fresh tomatoes to put on the pizza and love their mild sausage, the crumbly stuff. Now I know I need to go get something there today.

  3. Louisa

    Happy Happy Birthday Whitty-woo-hoo!
    Looks like the family visit went well despite the ranch mishap.

  4. Lindsay

    Looks like a fun weekend! Wonderful family!

  5. Ooh, it’s been eons since I’ve seen the winkwinknudgenudge!

    As for cranky and tired- I’ll join you! It’s our birthday week. We can be as crabby as we want and eat what we want!

  6. Alena

    What a great family time weekend! Happy pre-birthday! Enjoy being a young ‘un for a few more days😊

  7. Dessa

    Fun little birthday party and fun to see families!

  8. Karen Smith

    It must be your birthday soon or now???? Happy Birthday. You are much too hard on yourself. You really are wonderful and many people love you

  9. Amber

    Happy Happy Birthday Whitney! I have so many fun memories of you, Lindsay and I laughing our heads off in your basement! I love to hear how you are doing each week, thanks for the posts.

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