Cannibalistic Turkeys…

I hope y’all had a very grateful and thankful day of tofurkeying.  As for Black Friday, I hope y’alls eyes are still intact on account of the fact that I used to work at K-Mart for years and I HATED Black Friday because every grown woman and their dog was willing to poke somebodies eye out to get the last Furby doll.  What were we thinking late 90s/early 2000s!?  That Furby thing is 54 kinds of hideous.  It’s like if a blobfish and a warthog gave birth and then the offspring got run over by a bulldozer on Tuesdee.  I ain’t even playing, player.

This year we had two turkeys… one for the cannibalistic grandmothers of the world (see above)… and then one for the rest of us (see below).  Baby BoBo Bear practically gets eaten alive with all of his kiss hungry relations.  Stop the madness, says poor BoBo Bear!

Ignore Whitney’s Cutie clementine bags… I was down to 2 bags by Thursday, so I bought 2 more on Saturday.  SUE ME!

Looks like those rat infestators got their hands on a piece of the apple pie slab and rolls BEFORE dinner.  The lack of manners is appalling!

Y’all need to try this heavenly creation of crackitude!  I die every time.  It’s this whole cranberry/jalapeno/cilantro spread over cream cheese for crackers!  Oh mylanta lands of frigidaire is it ever delicious.

After everyone had gorged themselves on carbohydrates, I got to rock Baby BoBo Bear to sleep whilst the rest of the family played a game of cards… I say rest of the family but I really mean the rest of the family, except the paranoid first-time baby mom Lindsay, who had to come and check on me in the other room every 3 minutes so as to make sure that I hadn’t taken to suffocating and/or playing human dodge ball with her child.  Gosh… slam dunk the kid once and it’s like I’ll never live it down!  😛  JOKES… no BoBos were harmed in the typing of this blog post.

How was everyone else’s Thanksgiving!?  Did you cook?  Who did you have over?  Favorite dish?



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10 responses to “Cannibalistic Turkeys…

  1. Thanks for the review of your thanksgiving. It’s always fun to see your pictures and hear about everything going on up there in Logan.

  2. cl2

    Yes, I cooked the entire dinner for the first time in years. I had a weird group. My boyfriend, my ex-husband, one of my brothers, my daughter’s ex-fiance, and my son. I’d like to see someone compete for a more odd group at their dinner. I love candied yams and I thought I had over cooked the yams this year, but they were the best ever. They disappeared too quickly and I made a lot. I can just have mashed potatoes and gravy and yams, nothing else, and I’m happy. Your nephew just keeps getting cuter every day. Tough to be a new mom!! Tough to be the mom of 30-year-old twins, too.

    • You WIN, Colleen! That is quite the eclectic group of dinner guests, but it really just tells me that y’all are a loyal bunch of family. Do you do anything special with your yams or just cook them? I’ve had a hard time liking yams because of the texture… but I am still going to keep trying them until I do!

  3. Louisa

    Yes, I always cook.
    I made the bread, pie, and the breakfast cake the day before.
    My mother-in-law is our only guest and that is fine with us. She insists on bringing something to share so we have her make her yummy homemade mashed taters and gravy. Her girls don’t invite her to their festivities.
    My mom won’t make the trip or let us go get her and bring her here for the holiday. She and my sister usually do something together.
    My other siblings have families and their own traditions.
    My neighbor goes to her mom’s….we ask her to come (and her girls too) every year just so she knows they are welcome.
    We invited an elderly guy, my husband and MIL, know who lives in town. He and his sister have lived together all their lives and she passes away a few weeks ago and he has been pretty lost. We hoped he would come but he went to the Senior Center for the meal on Thanksgiving instead.
    Favorite thing is the ham.
    We are still enjoying it.

    • Your dinner sounds delightful, Louisa. Very sweet of you to invite extra people even if they turned the invitation down… at least they know there is someone to go to so they won’t have to be alone on the holiday.

  4. Dessa

    Pretty quiet Thanksgiving for us but it was a memorable one with our new grandson

  5. Alena

    Yum! I can see why everyone wants to gobble up BoBo, and the rest of your feast. Inquiring minds want to know, did you eat turkey? Your cranberry, jalapeño, cream cheese concoction looks delish! Do you have a recipe you would share? I would love to try it.

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