Twas Days Before Christmas…

… and all through the house, all the presents weren’t boughten or wrapped by the louse.   Oh my stars and garters… Hallmark… hit me the heck up!  I’ve got a billion of these diddies just waiting around for your section of cheesy “just because” greetings.

This December has flown by and I feel like I wasn’t able to bask in the Christmas season like I wanted to.  It’s funny how we always get these grand ideas about what we will accomplish over the holidays, read a Christmas story every night before bed, sing songs, play Christmas duets on the piano, bake delectables, see the lights.  In reality, I’m lucky if I wear a pair of non-holy socks and drink a carafe of lukewarm water.  Totally accomplished both of those things this year, y’all!  Pats on the back all around.  Finals are finally over with and there are like 4 days before Christmas.  I figured out that in order to read my 25 days of Christmas stories in 4 days, I’m going to have to read like 6 per day… which is cool and all but let’s be totally honest… that ain’t happening, so let’s change that idea to 4 days of Christmas stories and shut my fly trap.

In other news, we were able to make it to the annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert again this year.  It’s magical to be in that crowd sitting next to the dude with the loud clap (Lindsay says he punctured her ear drums) and in front of the ladies who told jazzy scooter versus snow bank run-in stories all night.  There was the dude who came dressed up in his champion sweatsuit best… Lindsay enjoyed the monochramatic nature of his navy blue leisure suit amidst the sparkle of the prom dress worn by his wife.  One of the two of them didn’t get the memo, and I won’t say who.

There was the illegal parking maneuver witnessed by a carload of people, wherein because we were tired of trying to find a parking space for the tank, Madre lumbered out of the car in front of Joseph and Mary and the three semi-wisemen, and removed some orange construction cones… ta da… insta-parking place!  Take that people who think they know better than Madre!  It was a Christmas MIRACLE!  Madre also tried to do illegal ticket trading maneuvers with an older guy who was peddling sought-after concert tickets… she was trying to upgrade our balcony seats… to no avail.  Nosebleeds it is!   But then we wouldn’t have witnessed monochramatic leisure suit man!  It was a blessing in disguise!  Beautiful job choir and guest stars… next time let’s do it in the plaza.

Christmas piggy wiggly is my favorite!  He lights up in the dark too!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Y’ALL FRIENDS… From my family to yours!


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14 responses to “Twas Days Before Christmas…

  1. cl2

    Love the card! I was wondering where the baby was during the concert!!! He is just so cute. I love seeing your pictures of him. I feel just like you do. I have so much to do and so little time. At least today is my day off, but then back to work.

  2. Your concert venture sounds like lots of fun! 😀

  3. Karen Smith

    The card is darling and I too wondered who had the honor of having the baby. You do O Holy Night beautifully. Annual joy for all. Happy Holiday and it is always great to see you

  4. The leisure suit man must have been entertaining. Love the Christmas decorations. Looks like maybe you got a new couch?

  5. Dessa

    Yes, Jen, we did get a new couch both upstairs and down. Going to retire Grandpa Berger’s recliner finally that is probably 35 years old. Fun weekend with the fam at the concert.

  6. Louisa

    I love hearing ( and seeing pics too ) of your loving family and your holiday adventures.
    Leisure-suit man cracks me up!
    I would love to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They were my Dad’s favorite.
    I like to go to YouTube and listen to them that way since I won’t be seeing them anytime soon.

    Merry Christmas Whitney and family.
    Continue to love and support and find opportunities to see each other in the New Year!!
    May God continue to bless you all.

    • How neat that they were your daddy’s favorite. Maybe one of these days you can make the trip to SLC to see them… and make sure to say hi to me too! I loved when David Archuleta sang with them. Thank you for the clip! That kid has talent. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Louisa! I hope your sweet family makes some great memories.

  7. Alena

    Man, I hope you get some rest during the holidays, because once word gets to hallmark about your talents, they are going to be knocking down your door. Yay for finals being over–another semester down, Lady! Way to go! The mo- tab concert sounds like fun, especially with your family! Love the Christmas card! Have a very merry Christmas, dear friend!

    • Hahahaha… well, obviously I’m just going to hire you to help me in the creative sayings department. We could get out our rocking chairs early! Merry Christmas to you and your darling family, friend. I hope that it is full of all things Merry, Bright, and Star Wars!

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