BoBear, The Unwrapping Prodigy…

I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas full of family and food and fun.  What did y’all do?  What did you get?  What did you eat?  But most importantly… did you save some for me and the starving pigme goats in New Guinea!?  Yes, because I should be lumped in with anyone who be starving… said no one ever.

Our Christmas was very low key… and by low key I mean only one hot pad caught on fire… and the house did not burn down.  KNOCK ON ALL OF THE WOOD!  Which was great and all because it be freezing up in this dang joint.  I really enjoy weather below the zero mark… it makes me all tingly with anticipation of bathing suits and pina coladas!   INSERT SARCASM!

BoBear is 4 months old as of Christmas day and he got to open his first ever Christmas present… and a bang up job he did too.  I might just hire him next year to wrap all of my gifts.  He’s an wrapping/unwrapping prodigy as witnessed by the following video.

Big bro Ethan pretty much taught him all he knows in that department… not Lindsay who still opens her gifts like my grandma… Don’t rip the paper dear, we have to use that next year!

Merry BoBoBear Christmas to all and to all a good New Year’s!

Meanwhile… LucyFur has moved on from the reindeer family tree she’s been visiting since the beginning of the month to this half-eaten M&M candy cane.  I don’t make this stuff up… I just report it.

Nobody situated that candy cane on top of her… she just loves it and situated herself underneath it.

After she’s been wrestling with my bathroom shower rug every night and/or sticking her super long striped arms under the bathroom door when someone locks it on her, I’m thinking she needs a lesson in sanity.  Cabin Fever… it’s a real thing!  What will she sleep by next!?  Take a guess!

Happy New Year’s this week!  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… which is pretty much everything, except for sleep and eat.  So, do do things I wouldn’t do!



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10 responses to “BoBear, The Unwrapping Prodigy…

  1. Psh! I think I’ll do exactly what you do! :b

    Would Lucy-fur share some of those M&M’s with me?

  2. Dessa

    Bourne was the star of the show! Fun having Christian & Ethan in our home on Christmas.

  3. Louisa

    The video of BoBo is very cute.
    I love that red stocking hat too…and that precious smile.
    Lucy-fur is just trying to find a place to sleep where their is little to no traffic.
    Such a pretty kitty.

    We had a nice Christmas here. No snow and it was in the 50’s and 60’s all that week. They rode the horses and the 4-wheelers in t-shirts and jeans. We went to Christmas Day church, and then my mother-in-law came over for the meal and we opened presents. My kids got air-soft guns from their Uncle. Our 14 yr old son got an air-soft rifle and our soon to be 18 yr old daughter got an air-soft pistol ( so she can defend herself…lol).
    I am not sure who had more fun with it though. I found my husband in a full run chasing our son around the house pelleting him in the rear. Our son was laughing so hard he was having a hard time running and shooting back at the same time. ( yes they were wearing eye protection )
    I got an action shot but I can’t insert it here to show you ( sad face ).
    I got what I wanted which was my new camera. My old one was over 10 yrs old and it was just getting too worn out. I am having fun figuring out my new one. It has more gadgets and gizmos than I will ever need but it is really nice. Surprisingly, I have had several people notice it and ask about it. (smiles)
    This is our last year with our daughter here at home for Christmas and New Yrs. She will be 18 on New Yrs Day and will be coming home from college for the holidays from here on out ( and probably bringing others with her too ).
    Big changes on the way. ( heavy sigh )
    It has been raining for 3 days now. It was supposed to change to snow last night the forecasters said but it never got cold enough…so just more rain.
    I did get a pair of geese that landed in our pond on Christmas Day so that was special.
    We spent yesterday in the city spending some of the Christmas money we each got. I didn’t need anything but went along because I am the voice of reason and know everyone’s sizes.
    Since we were all together we decided to go out to eat and celebrate our daughter’s 18th birthday a little early ( because my husband has to work next weekend ). We ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. It was good and my daughter tried lobster tail for the first time and loved it. Bass Pro Shop was on the same block and our son had a gift card he wanted to use from there so he found air-soft ammo and we visited with friends we saw there.
    All in all a nice Christmas / 18th Birthday /New Yr…

    • That sounds like a wonderful (albeit bittersweet since your daughter will be in college next year) Christmas! I’m glad you got a new camera. I have to say that’s one of my most favorite things to do… take pictures! Happy Early Birthday to your daughter!

  4. Alena

    Between the cat and the baby BoBo, you are going to be winning all of the cuteness awards! You even make winter look pretty!

  5. Alena

    I’ll tell you, I do NOT miss those cache valley inversions😝. Well, the majority of the family saw “The Wars. 🙂 I stayed home with the 2 year old–we gotta draw the line somewhere 😉 What about you? Did you take BoBo?

    • I bet you had a bunch of acting replays when they got home though… who needs to pay 10 bucks to see it when there are kids to act it out for you!? I have not seen The Wars… I was thinking I maybe should start with War #1 first… you know… so I know what’s going on!

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