Uh… January…

JANUARY!!!!!!  JaNuArY (translation: that’s 12-year-old girl speak for January)!  I heart-scapade January!

Nope… didn’t work.  Can’t say I didn’t try to be all enthusiastic about my least favorite month of the year!  No offense January, but I’m thinking you’d be a lot more pleasant in say… Hawaii… or Australia!   So far, I’ve muddled through 12 below zero nightly weather and an inversion so thick I didn’t need to eat dinner on account of the fact that there was pollution soup GALORE!   Negative Nelda really enjoys rearing her ugly tentacles during this month.  I’m trying to squash her, but so far she’s taken up residency in the candy aisle and won’t budge.   Stupid Nelda… for crying outloud!   I’ll be able to squash her for a minute or two the first time I catch a glimpse of a blue sky… or you know… a sun.  Give it back, tropical island… the sun, I mean!

In other news… New Year’s Eve we had reservations for this expensive steak house in the valley.  Since I love me a piece of walking beef with a bell around its neck, it seemed like a perfect fit.  We really chose it because they were having a special, 2 for $45 gig… which is still too much for a bloody side of sinewy flesh… I was really hoping they had salad and chicken.  We called in advance and made reservations for 7:45.  By 7:30, my work pager rang and I had to take care of some jobs before I could go, so we called to ask if we could move the reservation back.  They told us they were running behind, so it would be no problem if we didn’t show up until 8:30 or whatever (probably had to scoop up the steer road kill and fillet the mignon or something).

We got there around 8:20-ish and the waiting areas were packed with people… waiting, I suppose, so we stood next to a stinky fireplace that smelled like they just poured a can of kerosene on some blackened logs and called it an evening.  Hey, that’s how I learnt me how to start a fire in young women’s.  The hostesses were not giving out estimates of how long it would be… they were being very vague (which was a problem… honesty is the best policy), and so there were a couple of parties who marched out after having waited half an hour to an hour for their reserved table, and told the hostesses what they thought about that.  Reign it in fellas… it ain’t their fault.  We had waited 20 minutes when we overheard a woman come up and say that she’d been waiting an hour for a party of 4, and they had run out of baked potatoes and something else really important.  POTATOES!?!?  I mean, we’re 20 minutes from the Idaho border here!

That was the last straw… that and the fact that I may have ignited myself into flames with any static electricity on account of the fact that the kerosene smell had permeated my hair follicles.  We left in below zero freezing temperatures and high tailed it to Sizzler’s 5 minutes before closing time.  Who closes at 9:00 on New Year’s Eve!?!?  Uh, Sizzler’s does!   I know they love when people show up to dine at closing time and make them stay later!  Suckers!

Moral of the story:  Do not let people without baked potatoes walk all over you… you’re worth more than that.  Second moral of the story:  January shmanuary!


We are super proud of Christian who will be going back out on his mission to Pennsylvania on Wednesday… good job, kid!   Wear thermals!

I got BoBo Bear a cookie monster for Christmas because cookies are cool and so are monsters.  Lindsay sent these pics, but I think it freaked him out!

Either that or he’s doing his very best cookie impression… but he soon got acquainted with Cookie’s eyeballs… because babies are fans of the eyeball flavor.

Oh baby BoBear… I hope they taste like chocolate chips!




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6 responses to “Uh… January…

  1. Having worked in the restaurant realm, yes, having someone come in five minutes before closing is annoying… unless you leave a nice tip. That helps a bit. 😉

    I’m sure you were devastated to miss out on your hunk of steer!

    • We found out they closed at 9 when we got there, so we were turning around to leave when the manager stopped us and told us it didn’t matter because they were here later anyway… so that did make me feel better… blame it on the manager! 😛

  2. Louisa

    Sounds like you had quite the disappointing time at that steak place. If they are going to advertise a special deal then they should prepare to be packed and not run out of anything.
    BoBo is adorable with his Cookie Monster! Congrats to Christian and may God bless his mission work and keep him safe.
    We haven’t seen any snow yet here in Missouri. It has been mild.
    We did get a lot of rain after Christmas and before New Years. Caused a lot of flooding around the area but we are high and dry and doing fine.
    New Yrs Eve (DAY), we went to Walmart and got a few things and the kids used their gift cards. That evening, we had a James Bond 007 movie marathon, and popped popcorn and snuggled on the couch. Just after midnight we wished our daughter a happy birthday – she turned 18! Her best friend called her at midnight to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY too.
    On New Yrs Day ( Lauren’s 18th Bday ) we loaded up the horses and headed north to go on a trailride with a small group of friends/riders. For a change, our 14 yr old son decided to go too. Can’t really blame him since his other choice was to go cut wood with his dad…lol.
    Lauren rode her horse, “Wind”, and Bryce rode my horse, “Scout”, and I borrowed a horse from a friend that couldn’t get away ( she still had a house full of family). They had a terrific time and the horses all did great. I warmed my heart to see them having such a good time and laughing with and at each other. It was in the upper 30’s, sunny, clear, and beautiful day. It was perfect for a ride and to celebrate Lauren’s birthday. She will always remember it – that’s for sure. We played games that night and she opened a few small gifts since she opened all her others early. Sunday, we all went to church and then her best friend came over and they went ice skating to celebrate her birthday. He is also going to take her to Winter Jam at the end of the month (in St. Louis). Lauren wanted me to make her special birthday meal so I made pork chops, steamed veggies, salad, dinner rolls, red velvet & white cupcakes, and then on a whim I made Shrimp Alfredo (from scratch).
    It all turned out great and the kids were HUNGRY when they got back from ice skating. We sat around the table and listened to their funny ice skating stories. Later, we played Catch Phrase and laughed ourselves silly.
    All in all she had a great New Yrs and 18th birthday.

    • What an awesome weekend! I wanted to jump on through the screen and join you! The dinner you made sounds divine! Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter!! I hope her 18th year is full of happiness and adventure. LOL at your son choosing trail riding over wood cutting… he’s a smart boy! 😛

  3. Alena

    Ugh, January! Miserable cache valley winters!!! At least you’ve got cute BoBo pictures to look at! So adorable! Even if you don’t get to eat your fancy cow meat🐂

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