Pan-Handling…But Not Literally!

It’s hard to type tonight.  I’m currently wearing 3 Band-Aids on my fingers on account of the fact that I made the mistake of getting in the middle of a fight between the cat and her shower rug… and then the 3rd finger I managed to grate to death.  Anyone for grated bloody finger skin on top of your taco!?!?  Yeah… that was nasty.  I apologize for saying it whilst not wearing my rose-colored glasses.  So, moral of the story:  Let the cat have her dagnabbed shower rug and buy pre-grated cheese.  Who invented the grater anyway!?!?  Obviously someone with more talent and skin than I have!

In other news, a month or so back, I entered a #GiftToast contest spons0red by JCPenney and Trisha Yearwood to win one of her pan sets.  I entered it thinking it would just be like any other contest I enter… chances slim to none that I’ll ever get that 1 minute it took to type my name and info back.  The last time I won something it was as a teeny bopper when I won a typewriter for entering an essay contest at GuidePosts Magazine.  When I say “won” I really mean I only won it for like an hour.  When they figured out that my birthday fell short of the age limit by a year, they took it back.  I was too young.  Y’all… can you believe how old I am!!!  I won a freaking TYPEWRITER when I was 15… a TYPEWRITER!?!?!?  Oh my laws, Grog, get me my chisel.

To make a short story even longer, I haven’t really won anything since, so I guess I was overdo because you could have knocked me over with a feather when Trisha Yearwood private messaged me to tell me that I had won her pan set!  I then immediately started giggling like a mental patient and I’m sure when I answered her back I said some really idiotic things.  Whitney and the idea of talking to a famous person do not go hand in hand… even if it’s behind a computer/phone screen!   Scratch that… Whitney and the idea of talking to ANYONE do not go hand in hand!

They arrived this past week… I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that I should cook more… and dump more bottles of oregano… and grate off my fingers more!

They’re ceramic non-stick so they’re super nice, and the clean up is a snap… especially since you can throw them in the dishwasher.  Look at me being all advertisey and such.  It was not one of the prerequisites to winning, I can assure you!

All in a day’s work… a $150 to $300 pan set for FREE… not lottery winning big yet, but a girl’s gotta work up to that.  An hour with a typewriter… pan set… BILLION DOLLARS!  But I guess first I’d have to become a gambler.  Eh… is Ed McMahon’s prize patrol still out there!?

Question of the Day:  Have you ever won anything?  If so, what was it?  

There was blue sky for approximately 2 minutes this morning before the heavy layer of inversion took over.  It’s the little things!

Baby BoBo Bear picture of the week… BoBear in a basket!

As if!!


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8 responses to “Pan-Handling…But Not Literally!

  1. I want to buy those pans! They sound nice. Congrats on the win.

  2. cl2

    Congratulations! I am trying to remember if I’ve ever won anything. I do remember I won a sewing machine at the state fair when I was really young, but I never received it. Maybe I was too young!!! I received five 5 day passes to Disneyland, but that was supposedly for filling out a survey when I was there. That’s about it. Pictures are great, especially of your nephew. He is just getting cuter.

    • That’s too funny and sad that you didn’t get your sewing machine! What is wrong with these people!? I’d bet filling out the survey was worth the hassle for the free Disney tix!

  3. Dessa

    Oh, look at my cute little baby Bourne! The pans are really nice and a cinch to clean up. I like them a lot! Thanks for giving them to me:) HAHAHAHAH

  4. Alena

    Hot dog, girlfriend! Those pans look fabulous!! You even make winter look pretty with your photography skills.😊Now that’s a gift! I hope you’re fingers get feeling better and that the semester is going okay. Pinch those darling Bourne cheeks for me!

    • Thank you, friend! Winter is only pretty in a picture… now, when you’re walking around in it freezing your patookus off and slipping all over the ice… PASS!! I hope you are navigating your WI winter okay!

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