Yep, I’m Boring…

I have nothing news-worthy to blog about this week… okay, I never really have anything that news-worthy to blog about any week, but I still manage to yammer for a decade.  I’m serious this week.  It might be more exciting to watch hot tar run down a driveway.  Let’s see… Saturdee I bought myself some new socks and a toothbrush… it was blue… the toothbrush, not the socks.  Aside from that… I worked, read 8 bajillion pages in textbooks, drooled out both sides of my mouth, and pulled at least 12 hairs out whilst trying to write Italian dialogue.  My professor told me to quit using Google Translate on my homework… uh, I didn’t… but apparently that’s how talentedly bad I am at it.  It doesn’t work to translate directly she says… and that is why I won’t be an Italian Prime Minister… well, that and every other reason you can think of.

On Saturdee, there was the deer who decided to scare the bejeebers out of me by eating shrubbery 2 feet from my noggin…

I heard this rustling/scratching noise whilst reading one of the aforementioned textbooks and thought it was LucyFur scraping up the furniture again, so I turned into Tyrannical Trudy and began yelling at her to stop.  Turns out she wasn’t in the room, but this dudette wanted to join me for tea and crumpetts (great, Bambi… you bring the tea and crumpetts).

Speaking of LucyFur, she’s adopted some more annoying habits of late… aside from the waking Whitney up 12 times a night and scratching at the furniture in her cabin fever-induced state.  There’s usually construction going on on the back canal bank these days (have I mentioned how much I love the changes they are making!?  Because… NOT!)  She hates the rumbling big truck noises and feels the need to warn the villagers every time there are loud truck rumblings and noises… and to do that she just makes more noise on top of the noise by meowing at the top of her lungs for an hour until it stops.  She’s like Lassie, except no one has been saved from the well with her efforts.  She’s also inherited my OCD qualities by having to knead around the entire edges of whatever she wants to lie down on… case in point…

Did you fall asleep?  I told you!  That was only half of it, she did knead around the entire other side before I pressed record.  You are welcome!  Become an OCD baker, LucyFur… bring in some income!

Have a great week friends… guess what… It’s February next Monday!  HALLELUJAH!

Baby BoBear pictures of the week:

He says… Give me a cookie!!


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8 responses to “Yep, I’m Boring…

  1. Louisa

    That deer sure would have scared a squeak out of me!
    They are beautiful creatures but you don’t expect them 2 feet from the window.
    I had to laugh at your description of Lucy waking you up and it made me think of this Simon’s Cat video.

    I love the video of Lucy kneading.
    Our kitten is a kneader too but she is a busy kitten so she TURBO kneads…and she kneads while she walks and while she is rubbing against my ankles to pay attention to her.
    Bo-Bear is such a cutie and so photogenic too!

    • Haha! That is a cute video… and oh so true! Your kitten sounds like she is full of fun and mischief. I guess maturity in a cat is a good and bad thing! Also, the rubbing around your ankles when you’re walking that cats do!! Potential dangerous arm breaking incidents ahead!

  2. Dessa

    Lucy needs counseling:) Oh Deer!

  3. That wasn’t boring. You still managed to entertain me. Bourne is so dang cute.

  4. Alena

    Well honey, your “boring” post is the most exciting thing in my day! I love your pictures! Oh man, Bourne is such a doll! And my boys and I got a kick out of Lucy! Watching her is like Charlie in slow motion–but she is also much more thorough and methodical. Fun!

    • The fun kitten stage! To look at that video, you would have no clue that she turns into a wild, excitable psychopath at night! Charlie and Lucy are siblings once removed if I’ve ever heard of any!

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