The Super Bowel

… yep… went there.  This is just a little note to the folks who buy advertising space during the Superbowl for a bajillion dollars per second… STOP WITH THE BOWEL ISSUE COMMERCIALS!!  I don’t want to see a walking intestine traipsing thither and hither whilst I’m trying to gorge on 800 bagel bites with a side of nacho cheese.  That’s like totally defeating the purpose of my goal in even sitting through a neverending football game… which is to watch the musical portions and the commercials, and eat way too many fried things for one sitting. (Which baseball teams played again?)  There were at least 3 commercials about bowel products (different brands too… not the same one over and over)… THE HUMANITY!?   Also, the people who thought the toenail fungus commercials were a homerun… check your door… I sent you a box of athlete’s foot socks in keeping with the spirit of the commercial.

Rant over… until next year.

In other news, we ended up buying 130 Chik-Fil-A nuggets for 3 people to eat last night.  Madre had heard they were having a special where if you bought one nugget, you could get the 2nd one free.  Dudes… sign me the heck up!  I’m all about free on a Saturday night eat-out excursion.  We ordered us 2 SMALL nugget trays in the drive-through and proceeded to pull up to pay for them… 33 dollars!  For a small nugget tray!?!?  It turns out that a small nugget tray has 64 nuggets on it, which means that 2 SMALL nugget trays have 128 nuggets.  I didn’t mean for you to kill a gaggle of chickens on my behalf!  Maybe that’s why I needed those bowel commercials!   Scratch that… nobody needed those bowel commercials.  Tend to your bowel problems in the privacy of not near me, please!   Moral of the story… small means small enough to fit through the door but big enough to wedge your rear into a recliner.  We did bring at least 80 nuggets to our annual Superbowl shindig the next day, though… so they were put to good bowels.  STOP!

Makayla doing her best impression of an owly owl burrito…

Look at Baby BoBo and hims crazy hair trying to get a hunk of dinomeat…

That boy is all carnivore… speaking of… after he ate the dinomeat, he turned into a dagnabbed dinosaur!  RAWR, BoBo!

So scary!!

Here’s BoBo picking his big bro, E’s nose.  You’ll have to learn that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose!

Happy 2nd week of February, friends…



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11 responses to “The Super Bowel

  1. mmmm…. yum…. that’s a lot of nuggets! Too bad they weren’t gold!

  2. Louisa

    Not Super Bowl fans here.
    Didn’t watch.
    Bo is soo cute! He has the cutest smile.

  3. Cute boy! Miss you! I loved the intestine commercial — a bit twisted, though! 🙂

  4. Totally laughing out loud about the nuggets. Too funny. Love the gorgeous snowy pictures too.

  5. Dessa

    The nuggets seemed to get devoured. No problemo!

  6. Alena

    The chicken nuggets incident cracks me up! Darling pictures!

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