Ice Castles and Window Art…

I think my propensity for being inspired to want to write blog posts is being sucked away by all things Italian class.  It’s like the Italian people gave us the gloriousness that is pasta but then immediately slapped us upside the head with a wet seal… and no one likes wet seal breath… I repeat… NO ONE!

Firstly… sweet Makayla is 10!

We had her family par-tay tonight, which included food, presents, and drawing on the windows… yeah… you heard me right.  We totally rebelled against all things good and proper and drew on the dagblasted windows!


Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Before I go on, this WordPress site (or maybe it’s my computer) is being all sorts of skiwampus.  I cannot see what pictures I post and what order they come in and/or how many copies of them I post until I preview it, and in the preview screen you can’t edit, so the following and the above will contain a conglomeration of pictures I had no control over.  Technology is for the birds!  Don’t feed them!

In separate news, 2 weeks ago, I made a quick trip down south to visit my favorite lil’ BoBo dude… and in the process head to the Midway Ice Castles I’d been hearing about for a few years.  Let’s get a few things straight right now… Auntie Whitty Woo and walking on anything that resembles ice or packed snow is like a MAJOR NOT!!  After spending $10,000 on a broken wrist surgery, your dare devilishness desires quickly change.  I’m not saying walking on ice is dare devilish for anyone else but people who are klutzes named Whitney, so simmer down eye rollers of the world!  The things I will do for the BoBo dude.  It was extra cool because big bro E also came along, or should I say the Maze Runner dude!  He took on the maze runner persona from the first pose with Elsa and Anna… and there was no turning back.  I’m surprised no one asked for his autograph… the NERVE!

Baby BoBo and I were having a comedy throwdown in the car on the way there to see who could get the other to laugh the mostest… BoBo totally won!

BoBo was like… are you coming on the slide Auntie Whitty Woo!  I was like… HECK NO, BoBo Bear!



All in all, I didn’t kill myself on the ice/packed snow, and the castles were pretty dang cool… and most importantly there was blue sky for the first time all winter!  We don’t get much blue sky living in the bowl of the mountains during the winter.  Maybe next year I can just move into the ice castles with Anna and Elsa all winter!  You go, girls!



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6 responses to “Ice Castles and Window Art…

  1. Dessa

    Full on belly laugh when I see Ethan acting like the blade runner. What a kook! But we sure love him. That was a fun weekend eventhough we might have given Bourne frost bite:)

  2. You were brave to endure the cold and ice. Bourne has definitely perfected his smoulder!

  3. Alena

    I love the pictures!!! Happy birthday Makayla! She is so darling! The ice castles look really cool–made EVEN cooler by your family! I am completely in love with Bourne! (I can tell I’m not the only one–it seems to be a popular ailment!)

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