Day 24 billion and 52 on the canal construction front. Basically what happens is they start at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning directly in the backyard with their 12 billion tractors and dump trucks rumbling up the whole house. Whitney turns into Negative Nelda and starts cussing at no one in particular because to cuss at someone in particular means I’d have to talk to someone who is a person… and we can’t have that. It feels like the whole house is being invaded by an entire football team and their tailgating parties. Then, Whitney shakes her fist at the world (because that’s what my grammy Ella used to do) and says, “World… you win!” and then proceeds to zombie her way through the day on 12 minutes of sleep. So far, so good… and the scenery is just beautiful… tons of big exotic cats using the canal bank as their urinal… (bwahahaha… get it!?) Them’s the kind of jokes y’all get on 12 minutes of sleep. You are welcome!

I didn’t bother to doctor up the pictures because… what’s the point. The workers are walking around in mud central too… demolishing any sign of brown weed that may have turned into a green weed in the next few months. Let’s take a few moments for the brown weeds of the world. I’m not sure how long it takes to bury a 4-foot tall black tube, but they’ve been working on it now for 7 years it seems and the tube is still sitting on top of the dirt. For serious, fellas. What ya’ been doing at 6:30 in the morning!? Hanging out by the Honey Bucket most likely. Granted, this winter has not been the easiest to work in. It’s been frightfully cold up this way and I can imagine hanging out in 2 feet of snow trying to dig a trench in the dirt isn’t on anyone’s list of favorite things to do.


In less griping news… I finally got a copy of our group Mary Poppins picture. Oh memory lane.

Happy happy birfday to my sis, Lindser Poodle Pie Honey Bunches of Oats on Thursday! You’ve come a long way since you were a horrible teenage babysitter and told the kids to sit down and shut up! Now, you’re a great mommy! Hope you get all the tablecloths in the world on your special day! Love and all that stuff, Whitty Woo Hoo.

BoBo Pictures of the week:

Hi gramma… I help you get them teethins out…

Hold still… almost got ’em…

Good job, baby BoBo!



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6 responses to “Construction…

  1. Louisa

    I hear ya, Whitney!
    I have a backhoe👷 operator that I want to strangle.
    He starts moving rock bright and early every morning.
    He is rather o.c.d. about banging out his backhoe bucket to get every last bit out.
    Three times!
    Every time!
    Bang bang bang
    Vroom he goes for more…
    Bang bang bang…vroom…
    😷we are all sick with the flu here…send up a quick prayer for us


    • Stupid heavy equipment! It sounds like that backhoe operator is OCD if it is 3 loud bangs each time! 😦 I’m sorry you are all caught up with the flu. Sounds miserable. Consider a prayer sent up from this end. Take care.

  2. KK

    Maybe you could go out and show the workers how to get the job done. :b

  3. Dessa

    Awww, Happy Birthday Lindsay Rae Wade Howell!
    Yes, our yard is pretty messy, especially after the rain storm. The canal bank or what’s left of it is pretty much mud!

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