Chicken Bumper Cars…

You will definitely thank me later for not blogging about having to clean up someone else’s overflowed bathroom receptacle (yes, I’m a proper lady) in my bathroom this weekend.  You will also thank me for not going into the nastiness of it all… YOU ARE WELCOME!  Now, excuse me while I go dunk my entire head with the eyeballs open into a bucket of Clorox!  No, I never overreact… why do you ask!?

In semi-related news, Lindsay, Shayne, Ethan, and Baby BoBo were here this weekend!  Lindsay doesn’t get out of the house much, so on Saturday, Lindsay, Madre, and I hopped into the vehicle to head out on the town!  Woot woot… party brigade at 2:00 in the afternoon!  We went to the grocery store and Chik-Fil-A, so I mean, pin a denture cream tube to my Depends and call me Grizelda!  While paying for our purchase at the Chik-Fil-A drive through sitting in the backseat, I managed to slam my head into the back of the seat in front of me… because everyone knows my head is almost 90% bobblehead.  I can’t say I didn’t have help on account of the fact that the car behind us decided to run into us.  LOL!  Seriously!?  In the drive through!?  Lindsay, of course, turns into Magnum P.I. in her quest to decide what this lady’s problem is.  We finished getting our order and decided to pull up into the parking lot and wait for the lady to get her order so that we could discuss the bumper car ordeal over diet lemonades that I’m sure all wanted to be spiked with Jack Daniels.

Lindsay, as the driver, could see the lady through the rear view mirror, so kept giving us really valuable updates like… “She ordered ice cream.”  “She’s sipping on her ice cream.”  “She’s sitting there sipping on her danged ice cream.”  What the hell is she sipping on her danged ice cream for!?”  So, I mean, I was totally enlightened.  Had a real good feel for who this woman was.  Coming to Chik-Fil-A to order ice cream!  No wonder she ran into our bumper!

Apparently, the lady wasn’t in a very talkative mood because she held back and didn’t pull her car up next to us to chat.  She hid behind a different row of cars until we moved a bit further away, and then she got out of her car (most likely still sipping on her ice cream) to check out the damage done to the front of her car, and then she got right back in and drove away!  LOL!!!!!!!!!  Sipping her danged ice cream!  Luckily there wasn’t a whole lot of damage to the back bumper… but still… it’s proper to you know… not hit and run.

For the rest of the day, at the grocery store, playing dominoes, sitting around, Lindsay would out of the blue say things like, She was just sitting there sipping on her danged ice cream!  It was almost as bad as the bathroom receptacle ordeal I mentioned earlier, except NOT AT ALL NEAR AS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at my Baby BoBo… hims is ready to be in the Top Gun sequel… get it, BoBo! This is the time when he was supposed to be in bed asleep but cried for an hour so that he could come out and play Dominoes with the old people… and then he was as happy as could be. Oh BoBo… he knows how to partay!

BoBo and I had some bonding time wherein he tried to pull out all 4 strands of my hair! Three survived…

BoBo’s like… Look, me and Elmo matches!

I hope you and your families all had a happy Easter weekend. Did you do anything fun?



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10 responses to “Chicken Bumper Cars…

  1. Ugh, I know all about the crying for an hour because naps are suddenly apparently overrated!

    You mean it’s not proper to hit and run and slurp on your ice cream all at the same time? 😮 That stinks that she didn’t even have the decency to look at your car!

  2. Louisa

    Mental note to self – do not go through drive-thrus.
    I would be supremely upset if someone ran into my new Tahoe.
    I guess the only good thing, for me, is it would cause them more damage because they would get my hitch in their grill. Ha – serves them right.
    Pretty sure they wouldn’t be hittin’-n-runnin’ with a hole in their front end.
    Maybe they would pay more attention….nahh probably not.

    Baby Bobo is such a cutie and he seems to love smiling for the camera.
    His hair is really coming in fast now.
    Is he going to be a blondie or do I detect a little red? Maybe a strawberry blonde?

    • Haha… I think that’s the cure for fender benders… everyone just install a hitch… ta da! Louisa has it down! BoBo loves to smile… he’s a little flirt for sure! He may be a strawberry blonde… it used to look more red but now it’s going more blonde-ish!

  3. Hilarious stories today. You guys sure have too much excitement in Utah.

  4. Alena

    Well obviously this woman has no sense! Ordering ice cream at chick-fil-a when Charlie’s is just down the road! The humanity! I hope your head is okay. Sorry about the bathroom ordeal– I had to go dunk my head in Clorox just hearing about it. Well at least you got a side of BoBo, along with all the craziness!

    • Bahahahaha! We think too much alike. I was saying that exact same thing about Charlie’s being 3 stores down… seriously!? I’m sorry to have made your Monday even grosser with the Clorox run… we germ-a-phobes need to protect the species!

  5. Jeannie Nix

    Hey Grizelda!! Lol. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face even on my worst days. I have to tell you, BoBo is one very lucky little man to have such a fly auntie. And you have my sympathy with the W.C. issue. There is just no possible way to turn that into a positive experience. Love you love you love you!!!

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