I went to baby animal days at the American West Heritage joint here in town this past Friday. They’ve held it for years, but I’ve never been on account of the fact that it’s really geared towards kids, and the last time I had a kid was on the 32nd of Neverember. Lindsay and BoBo had been visiting all week, so we took the opportunity to expose him to bajillions of kid and baby animal germs. You are welcome! I knew I was in for a treat when one of the first things I see was this:

Stroller parking is perfectly normal… this was just part of the parking lot for strollers… there were several more. I needed a new set of wheels myself… I should’ve grand theft autoed that red one! Strorvette, y’all!

Baby BoBo was such a ham… ham… get it!? Oh my laws, stop it Whitney… the amount of slaying going on up in here is way too much for a Mondee morning! He definitely knows how to find the camera whenever there is one around. You can just call him George Clooney from here on out.

If I’m being honest, I mostly felt really bad for the poor baby animals. Thousands of kids trying to snap their necks off all day is, I’m sure, not their idea of a good old-fashioned shindig. Plus, those piggies are obviously introvert piggies… trying to hide underneath the straw to restore their introvert energy shields. Baby animal psychology 1010… look it up!

Baby BoBo was all like… oh hi, Calf… let me pull your ears off.


The above is a video of BoBo getting extremely frustrated that he can’t hold the danged chickie… YOU EVIL PEOPLE, YOU!

This here baby duckling is lucky to be alive… I predicted using it’s neck as a handle on a rattle if he’d been given the opportunity.

BoBo is like… oh, do you have the camera on!?

Good times… except for one small problem. There were food booths in one section of the shindig wherein they sold lunch and snacks… things like large bags of popcorn/kettle corn where all 5 kids in the family after rubbing up all over animals who had been rubbing up in their own crap all day then stuck their grimey hands into said bags of popcorn (I, of course, renamed them to CRAPCORN because it was accurate!) I almost drank my entire bottle of hand sanitizer having to witness all of these traumatizing events… I MEAN, FOR THE LOVE OF CRAPCORN!



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9 responses to “Crapcorn…

  1. KK

    You and Dan need to get together and talk about your love of hand sanitzer. :b

    hee The little miss just wants to pull off the cats’s ears too!

    • What… Dan likes to drink hand sanitizer too!?!?! Which is his favorite flavor? Cats ears are perfect for little hand plucking. LucyFur tends to hide under the bed when BoBo is here.

  2. Alena

    Oh my Holy adorableness!!! Way to brave all the germs and crowds to capture those darling pictures! Kinda makes you want to grab a hot dog to go with your crapcorn😉

  3. louisa

    Awe that is cute!
    I have never seen a kid that doesn’t LOVE any kind of petting zoo opportunity.
    LOL at the whole hand-sanitizer image…
    Big news here!! Our daughter has received acceptance letters from all the colleges she applied to!! She was awarded academic and vocal scholarships from three of the colleges. She was thrilled to be accepted by her #1 top favorite and invited to go and audition this past week. We scheduled a date and time and the college added all kinds of things for us to take advantage of our trip.
    By the end of the day she had sung with the Chorale during their practice session, gone to lunch with the women’s volleyball coach & assistant coach, had her private vocal audition, met with the registrar about courses she would need for her major, and met with her admissions counselor.
    Her audition and interviews went FANTABULOUS!
    She has been awarded an academic scholarship, a vocal scholarship, a place in the choir, and a place on the women’s jv volleyball team for the fall.
    Just WOW!
    Our son turns 15 in June and he has been looking for a pickup for his first car. We found one! We are headed south today to go look at it and bring it home.
    Fingers crossed!

    • Woo hoo! Congrats to your daughter! It sounds like she is going to have a great college experience! How far away from y’all is her first college of choice? I hope the pickup worked out… it’s crazy how fast these kids grow up! My nephew, Ethan, is also looking to get his license! Eek!

      • louisa

        Thanks Whitney!!
        That is the BEST part. Her college will only be an hour from home, so she can pop home anytime she wants and even bring her new college friends and roommates or teammates. We are all happy about that!!

        We did get the pickup. Our son is so thrilled with it!! The guy we bought it from was a serious chain-smoker and candy bar extraordinaire. Bryce has been washing and vacuuming and cleaning like crazy. He has found cig butts, full and empty packs of cigs, candy bar wrappers and lots of dirt and grit.
        Big sis got him a Chevy keychain and 2 air fresheners to congratulate him…LOL
        He has been mowing yards like crazy to rebuild his savings and start buying parts he wants or needs to replace. He drives it up our gravel road, through the gate and into our pasture behind the house. He has a course laid out (in firewood) to practice parallel parking.

  4. Dessa

    Fun day had by all! So fun to see the world through a child’s eyes.

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