My Little Red Wagon…

Short and sweet tonight. I’m supposed to be trying to finish up my final folklore collection project and paper due today and have to wake up in 12-1/2 minutes to sit in the dentist chair for 5 years. Oh teeth… birds have it made in the shade… they can fly and they have no dagnabbed teeth! The worm thing is a little disconcerting, but I digress.

Back in the olden years of Whitney and sister Lindsay, we had a little red wagon that we would tie to the back of our bikes and tear through the trailer court carrying all sorts of treasured items, stuffed animals, tea pots, nekked and immodest and anatomically incorrect Barbies… you know, things all little girls dream of. It would always tip over around every turn, so we’d stop in the middle of the road to pick up all of our treasures and play dodge the speeding car… oh memories. As we grew older, the wagon remained, but it also rusted out and lost its sheen, the wheels became shredded, and the brightness of the fire engine red faded to a putrid mauve-ish color. Kind of exactly like Whitney, but with more wheels and way less teeth (stay tuned… give me 20 years).

Before BoBo was bourne (bwahahaha… see what I did there?), my dad dug the rusted piece of junk out of the shed, cleaned it up, repainted it, put new wheels on it, and gave it to him. The little red wagon lives on… I hope BoBo uses it for all of his treasured items too… Bring it, BoBo!

See my teefins… Oh BoBo… be a bird!

SPRING!!!!!!!! It smells so glorious standing next to these trees… my allergies don’t agree, but I sure do!



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5 responses to “My Little Red Wagon…

  1. KK

    I love those wagons! Quite a few years ago I restored one… and then about a year later my father ran it over with is tractor. Oops.

  2. Bruce Smith

    See you tomorrow between 6:30 and 7:00.  Do you want me to come that direction?  I am not the best of company at this point.  Thanks for caring.Karen

  3. louisa

    Awe BabyBo loves his little red wagon!
    Great idea breathing new life into an old favorite.
    The pictures are lovely, Whitney.
    My lilacs are in bloom here and I can smell them everywhere. My neighbor loves them too.

  4. Alena

    Awww! So adorable!!! Beautiful spring pictures too! Good luck with the end of the semester and the teeth stuff!

  5. What a sweet thing for Grandpa Rex to do. Love the wagon memories too.

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