Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to all of you selfless, tireless, hard-working, underappreciated, long-suffering, little-brat-butt-kicking, wooden-spoon-teeth-bearing, sweet mommas out there in the bloggerverse and in my friend- and family-verse. I hear there’s no job more rewarding and no job more exhausting than being a momma. I hope your families and kidlets spoiled you all rotten and that you were showered with thoughts and cards of appreciation and love.

This song called, “Mom” from Garth Brooks’s newest album is a sweet reminder for all of you chasing after havoc-wreaking toddlers, for those angsting over teenagers straying from the right, and for empty-nester mothers longing for the days when they had little ones… Hugs and love to you all!


I wasn’t going to bring this up, but when I’m feeling down, there’s nothing better than to spew out all of my thoughts onto the internet (you are welcome spewing society of internet followers), so here’s me spewing… take it with a bucket of salt substitute. Mother’s Day has always been a bittersweet day for me. I am thankful for my sweet momma, and the fact that she is still here on this Earth when many are missing their own sweet mommas, and for her tireless efforts to try to make a lady out of me (sorry it’s taking so long, mother). I’m thankful for the examples and love from all the moms who are part of my sphere, and the genuine friendship they offer me. I’m also always left with a feeling of semi-failure and of longing to be a part of this great motherhood club you all have going on.

I know the purpose of life is different for everyone, and I stray so far from the normal purpose that it sometimes leaves me confused, with a desire to have taken the more normal life path. I am also not sure why I was not chosen to be a mother… was I not cut out for the task? Why do I not get little hearts to cherish and love and rear up into functioning adult people? It also leaves me with a feeling of loneliness… and I can’t help it, I always think of the future… who’s going to cut my brittle toenails and change my bed sore bandages? 😛 You are welcome for that visual.

I’m pretty good at ignoring these feelings/brushing them to the back of my brain and living life as I go, but every so often the thoughts bubble up and overwhelm my senses…

My depressing blog post of the year. I also had another depressing topic to choose from (the newest depressing weight loss/metabolism study), but I suppose that will have to wait for another week. Hallelujah! In the meantime, keep trucking y’all… enjoy the lot you were given in life and forge ahead searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Pretty sure count chocula and the Trix rabbit are conspiring with the Lucky Charms leprechan to hide it from us… but we’ll recruit Tony the Frosted Flakes Tiger and get it anyway! They’re Grrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaattttt! You will only know that reference if you watched TV in the 80s and 90s… sue me.

Look everyone… I go shopping with Auntie Whitty at Costco. She pretended to buy me these books but then put them back at the checkouts. BoBo… don’t tell people that!

Auntie Whitty… you need to brush your hairs better today…



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10 responses to “Moms…

  1. KK

    I know how you feel, or at least a bit! 🙂 While I know it isn’t the same love up the kids that are in your life right now. Again, I know it’s not the same but they’ll be all the better for having time spent with Aunt Whitty Woo! 🙂 ~hug~

  2. Thank you, Whitney. I had a nice Mother’s Day.
    Our daughter graduated high school on Saturday and after a long day, we went out to Red Lobster to celebrate. Needless to say, Lauren & I, were exhausted on Sunday. Her Dad & brother just had to show up and take some pictures and go out to eat… so they weren’t nearly as wiped out the next day.
    Lauren, my 18yr old and now high school graduate, is taking me out for a surprise this afternoon. I have to meet her when she gets off work. She won’t tell me or give me any hints either. She also bought me a flat of yellow pansies & a flat of purple pansies. I can’t share a pic with you on here ( sad face ) but they are pretty. She cooked dinner and made a cake for dessert.
    Bryce, my almost 15yr old, brought me several big rocks for my flower beds and to decorate around the yard. He loves rocks too and picked out some amazing specimens. I really don’t know how he managed to get them on his 4wheeler. Some of them are pretty big. The biggest, flattest one he propped up against our mailbox post and he painted the front black. He is going to stencil a big R on it in either yellow, white, or silver. He also dug up some purple wild flowers and some bright poppies he found in the roadside ditch and planted them for me too (in a flower bed that runs along the length of my barn). He wanted to ride 4wheelers yesterday afternoon and his dad and his sister were already doing something….so we took off and had some fun. It drizzled on us but we didn’t care.
    My husband bought me a nice card and cleaned & detailed, and changed the oil in my Tahoe. He is also going to buy my garden plants. (thumbs up)
    My mother-in-law brought me a vase full of hot pink/fuchsia peonies that she has in bloom right now and she knows that I love. She has promised me two of her beautiful plants (once they are done blooming). My white peonies and my pink peonies are doing really well this year (old horse poop makes good fertilizer) so I know I will love my new hot pink ones.
    The way I see it…I think you were cut out of different cloth, Whitney. My sister is also without children but she is a really good Auntie and she adores her cats and loves her independence and order. My best friend in high school is also without children but happy with her cat & dog, loves kids, and is a terrific artist. She is independent, content, and eccentric.
    Maybe you were cut out to love many kids, and not just your own. You share your love of all your sweet nephews, nieces, and cousins and they clearly love you as well.
    You have a pretty sweet life ( from where I am sitting ).
    I just love that last pic of BabyBo looking up at you and smiling his toothless grin – he loves him some AuntieWhittyWoo.

    • Thank you, Louisa! What sweet and thoughtful gifts your kids and family gave. It sounds like you had a great day. Congratulations to your graduated daughter! I hope she enjoys her summer before she’s off to the higher education!

  3. I think you would be a wonderful mother. I’m sorry that this life isn’t giving you that opportunity. A lot of things don’t make sense and are unfair. But I think someday things will make sense and be made right. There’s a quote by sheri l dew that says we are all mothers in Israel. You will be a great influence of good in these kiddos lives. I know Bourne, Kayla, Corbin, Cruz, Livia, and Blaize are blessed to have you.

  4. Dessa

    How cute that Bourne is looking up and smiling at his Auntie. You HAVE HAD an influence as Jen said on those cute little people she named. I KNOW it’s hard but please trust in a just God who knows you and loves you and is aware of your struggles and pain. We all love you!

  5. Alena

    Oh Whit! I love the Garth song, the gorgeous pictures and especially the one of you and Bourne! I am absolutely certain that you would be an amazing mother and the reason you have not had the opportunity is certainly not because you are not cut out for the task! I’m so sorry for the sorrow and loneliness you feel. I hope you have at least some idea of how amazing you are and the fact that you make everybody’s life better by being a part of it– young and old. I know there are some kidlins who especially benefit from your awesomeness! I just wish we lived closer so you could rub off on mine a little more!! (Any chance of you moving to outer Siberia?)

    • Love you friend. Thank you for the kind words. I wish we lived closer too… I mean outer Siberia is not on my list of places to live, but it’s moved up a little since the Kelsey family moved there! Hugs and take care.

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