Adventures In Sugar-Freeing…

I’m sure that title would make a spectacular movie said no one ever… except maybe… nah… no one EVER! I thought I could think of someone it would be interesting to… nope… can’t. Moving on!

They say history repeats itself… over and over and over and in my case add 1400 more overs and you’ll have it pretty close. So, when Christopher Columbus (whom I’ve learned is a horrible man) accidentally discovered America even if it had already been discovered (egoes… can’t live with ’em), it was almost like Whitney’s diabetes coming out of hiatus… same story… different year. I had been in sugar diabetes hiatus for a handfull of years… and when I say hiatus I mean it’s always still been there, but I’d been able to manage it through diet and exercise and my hemoglobin A1c numbers have looked dagnabbed flawless. My massive weight loss was what caused it to go into remission, and so over the last few years as I’ve been slowly gaining instead of losing, my hemoglobin A1c number inched it’s way upward. Nine months ago when I went to the doctor it had barely surfaced above the dreaded 7 number. A week and a half ago when I went to the doctor again, it’s now above 8, and I’m now back on medication for it. I can’t blame anyone, but myself… and my good frenemy, food, but food doesn’t shovel itself, so let’s blame Whitney’s hand-to-mouth disease too. Danged hands, anyway! The ironic part of that story, I haven’t gained any weight in the 9 months since it went from just above 7 to just above 8, so there’s proof that it’s about what you eat, and not how much you weigh.

Sugar is my nemesis. I could eat sugar all day every day and not blink an eyeball. It’s addicting… it’s one of those manufactured food majigs that bores itself into your life and just like that relative who overstays their welcome (Not any of my relatives certainly), it won’t go away. Sugar is the bomb dot com from the 90s, y’all!

Last Monday when I got my lab results, I decided I needed to quit being so dang passive agressive and do something about it, so a haphazard plan was put into place that I’d abstain from anything overtly sugar, including MILK CHOCOLATE (oh the dagger), cookies, cake, candy, etc., etc., etc., for at least the next month and then when I’ve weaned myself from the addiction, limit the sugar to once a week (or twice on very special occasions) because let’s face it, sugar ain’t going away. Today marks day 8 with no sugar… I’m not sure it was my smartest idea to start tackling this beast around the same time as hormone hoarding is hormoning because I haven’t been exactly pleasant… but at least I haven’t been convulsing in the corner without my IV drip of sugar… yet. Never say never say never.

Yesterday I got out the food processor and processored me up some Almond Joy Energy Balls (click here for the recipe), which are entirely sugar-free… made with dates, unsweetened cocoa powder, almonds, and unsweetened coconut flakes (which I had to go to the health food store to buy… grocery stores are anti-sugar-free coconut, y’all). I wouldn’t lie to you, maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten any sugar all week, but they are mighty tastee… almost exactly like an almond joy flavor, but more datey… and way less melt-in-your-mouthy… sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Twenty points to whomever can tell me where that jingle is from!?

It’s like I’m turning into a person of the Earth or something… but with showers and deodorant. You are welcome.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have any go-to sugar-free treats/snacks?

Lookit my BoBie Bear… feeding himself all by his lonesome…

Hi errybody… see my new high chairs!?



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11 responses to “Adventures In Sugar-Freeing…

  1. KK

    This is a nice snack, but I don’t think sugar-free since there’s most likely sugar in the yogurt… which yes, I know, yogurt is dairy but there is non-dairy yogurt! 🙂

    Take a few scoops of yogurt, one whole apple chopped up, a handful of golden raisins, and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Mix it up and it is very tasty!

  2. Sandy Hamblin

    Ashley taught me a recipe that is really good. It’s a chocolate Chia pudding. Chia Seed is good for diabetics….it has all the right kind of fiber, and slows down the metabolism of sugars, so blood sugar levels don’t spike.

    Anyway, here’s the recipe.

    1 can coconut milk
    1 to 3 T. Chia Seed (depending on how thick you want it. Recipe calls for 1/4 cup, but that was too much)
    3 to 4 T. Cocoa powder
    3 to 4 T. Cashew butter
    Dates or agave to sweeten to taste

    Blend all in a blender, Vitamix, or Ninja until smooth and bkended. Chill until set.

    I liked it very much.

  3. Very interesting how you deal with it. My better half has that sweet tooth as well, long before we met 34 years ago. I had it too, but for some reason I kept it more moderate.
    She is mildly diabetic, I am not at all.
    Oh yeah, those donuts in Canada are so good !
    But many of our family there are diabetes.
    The last 4 years I really made a point about it, squeezing the sugar out of my system.
    Not 100 % still, but I lost 35 kilos , also because of getting rid of the car and use the bike. ( Easier done in Holland than in the US, I agree )

    Last week I read a report about the use of sugar in the Western diet.
    Compared with 1776 , the average person in modern times eats 30, ( thirty!), times as much sugar.
    There is one large American/Chinese news-website that has very interesting facts about food, plus many hints how to change your habits,
    ( Not a commercial site, more a refreshing alternative for CNN )
    That website is my daily source for news, and useful tips about how to improve your health.
    Succes !

    • Thank you for the link, Henk! I will definitely check it out. Those are some ridiculous numbers… THIRTY times as much sugar. It’s too bad they had to put sugar in everything in this day and age.

  4. “Sometimes you feel like a nut….sometimes you don’t”!! Almond Joy commercial jingle from waaay back. I still use it and my kids think it’s funny.

    Some sugar free snacks that are yummy:
    1. Fresh banana & natural peanut butter/almond butter/hazelnut spread.
    2. Sugar free yogurt/or sweetened with artificial sweetener & fresh fruit in a cup.
    3. I don’t do artificial sweeteners or stevia or some of those others that are popular. I sweeten with agave. I use it in my hot tea instead of sugar. It tastes molasses-y if you are still on sugar but it tastes sweet if you have been off sugar for a few days. You should give it a try.

    Bo is getting all big feeding himself and pushing it all up his nose….lol

  5. Alena

    Oh man, Whitney! Good job! I have been fighting with myself about my need to go sugar free and putting it off. Oh how i love sugar! I went sugar free for a couple of weeks last fall, and boy was I the orneriest person alive for about a week and a half—i was seriously lucky my family didn’t throw me out! Thanks for your inspiration!!! And for your pictures that always make me happy! You can do this girlfriend!

    • I cannot imagine my good pal, Alena being ornery… so this sugar stuff must have a powerful hold on the hormones! I’m always ornery, so maybe it was hard to tell I wasn’t eating sugar! Thanks, pal. Sending you all happy summer vibes.

  6. Well I don’t always have time to cook from scratch. A great store bought treat are the Lara Bars (usually in the health food section of Smiths). They are purely fruit, nuts, and sometimes coconut depending on the flavor you choose. They have chocolate ones too. No sugar. Similar to the almond joy ones you made since they use dates.

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