Ugh… I’m One Of THOSE People…

Day 22 of no sugarness is making me one of THOSE people who constantly inform you that they are vegan or gluten free or sugar free… Like if someone asks me my name, I’m pretty sure I’d answer… “22 days sugar-free, nice to meet you!” It’s like I’m seeking sympathy votes through my non-sugar eating, y’all… it’s out of control! I was slightly one of THOSE people already when I was vegetarian… you know the ones who constantly criticize your steak with a bell on it until all you want to do is slap them upside the head with the carcass? Yep… brand my hiney and call me Bessie.

All Saturday I was in constant search of a sugar-free treat. Saturdays are treat days by gosh and golly. Ice cream places were no help at all… yes, lactose kills me, but I wanted a dagnabbed treat and was willing to get sick in the process! No one had anything! I finally found a sugar-free muffin at Wal-Mart that I immediately bought, ate that night and then spent the rest of the night trying to kick myself in the head (it’s hard… try it). Turns out artificial sweetners hate me too… back to fruit it is! Last night I ate a no-sugar-added dried apricot that reminded me of a car tire. It was that good! Not that I’ve ever eaten a car tire before, but if it had a sweet taste to it, I might just give it a go.

If I’m being honest, it is getting easier to not eat sugar. I don’t crave chocolate like I used to, after which I’d eat a whole dang bag of chocolate chips. I’ve been able to pass up the Sunday dinner pie and jam on the roll and the gargantuan bag of rice krispie treats my mother bought at Sam’s Club when Lindsay, Shayne, and BoBo were down this weekend… even if she left them hanging around my eyesight all weekend. Who am I? “22 days sugar-free y’all… nice to meet you.” Put down that cow carcass!

On the THOSE people subject this video makes me laugh… if you need a Monday laugh… clickety click!


If you were wondering if babies pick up on the example of their parents, I give you proof…

BoBo is just checking his Facebook page, y’all!

BoBo… where’s your clothes? But your teefins are sure cute.

This one is called, Whitney did her hair and makeup once last February… oh the joys of working from home!



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8 responses to “Ugh… I’m One Of THOSE People…

  1. ha ha I was actually thinking of that video when I saw the title to your blog post! He did a gluten-free one too that’s really funny. Wouldn’t be surprised if a no-sugar one would pop up too!

  2. Congrats to being 22 days sugar-free, Whitney!
    Love the video and pretty pictures and of course the pictures of the little BoMan. Very cute!

  3. Dessa

    Way to go Whit! Sorry about the rice krispie treats – I was testing your will power:) HAHA Keep on going!

  4. Alena

    Wow Whitney! I am Soooo impressed with your sugar free-ness! You are my hero! That video is hilarious! I LOVE your BoBo pictures! And the sunset picture is stunning!

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